How to Pay Your Debt Using the Debt Snowball Method

Are you in debt and looking for realistic ways to help get out of it? There are many methods, tips, and tricks for how to go about it, but some ways are easier than others. 

Keep reading to learn more about the debt snowball method and how you can get started reducing your debt today!

Create a Budget

When you are ready to buckle down and get your debts paid off you should start by creating a budget. This will help you visualize how much you bring in, how much you spend each month, and will get you started working towards your goal. 

Once you have figured out how much of your income you have leftover after your bills you can start determining what you are spending your money on each month that you should cut out. The extra money left at the end of the month should then go into your savings account to start your emergency fund. 

Emergency Fund

Before you start tackling your credit card bills and other debt you need to have an emergency fund of $1000 in your savings account. If you don’t have an emergency fund available, then you will likely turn to charging a credit card or taking out a small loan in the event an unexpected event, such as a car repair or vet bill, occurs. 

Once you have an emergency fund in place you can turn to that to pay your unexpected bills and avoid using your credit cards. It is critical not to accrue further debts while you are trying to pay them off. 

What is the Snowball Method?

The debt snowball method is one of the best ways to reduce debt. You start out listing your debts from the smallest to the largest, regardless of the interest rate and focus on paying off the smallest first. 

In order to do this, you will take the minimum payment plus all the extra money you have in your budget and start attacking the smallest debt first. If you don’t have a lot of room in your budget to do so you should consider getting a side hustle or selling off some of the things that you don’t need anymore. Do whatever you need to do to get rid of this first debt. 

Once that debt has been paid off, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and be encouraged to continue to the second-lowest debt. Then you will take the money that you have freed-up from this first debt, plus the minimum payment from this debt, and begin attacking it next. 

You will continue this strategy while continuing to make the minimum payments on the other debts until you have worked your way through and are debt-free!

Try the Debt Snowball Method Today

The debt snowball method is a great way to rid yourself of your debt once and for all. The first step to realizing success is creating a budget and saving an emergency fund. Once you have accomplished this you can begin attacking your bills with everything you’ve got. 

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