What is Spectrum Internet Assist Plan and Who Is It For?

Every household wants an affordable internet plan that doesn’t compromise speed. For low-income families, even the basic tiers of some Internet service providers are out of the budget. Fortunately, Charter Spectrum is one of those ISPs that has empathy for such consumers. For all struggling consumers, the provider offers Spectrum Internet Assist (SIA) Plan.

Tag along to know what it’s all about.

What Is Spectrum Internet Assist?

Charter believes that everyone deserves hurdle-free access to the internet. After all, the internet has turned into a basic necessity and it’s hard to imagine a world without one.

SIA offers a 30 Mbps download speed which is perfect for sending emails, online learning, web surfing, video conferencing, social scrolling, streaming as well as gaming.

The Features You Will Get

When it comes to internet features, some features are standard across all plans. So, here are what you are getting with internet assist:

No Data Caps

Yes, unlimited data is available so won’t have to use your MBPS carefully.

FREE Modem

You will receive a free modem to your home address. All Spectrum modems support DOCSIS 3.1 technology which means you will enjoy a high-speed connection.

FREE security Suite

This suite protects all connected devices from spyware, viruses, and malware. It’s a complete online security package.

No Contracts

Like all other plans, this plan isn’t tied to a contract. Spectrum offers month-to-month service only.

Wi-Fi Add-On

If you would like to go wireless, then you can add the Wi-Fi service o your plan which costs $5 per month.

What’s the Price?

Okay so it’s a low-income household plan but what does it cost?

It costs $14.99 per month only. This price is involved in all the features discussed above. The price remains the same throughout the tenure of your subscription. There are no pike hikes or extra charges. When you sign up for this internet service, if you opt for the installation kit, then you can doge the installation charges as well, making your internet plan even more affordable. This kit is FREE!  

Who Is Eligible?

As you can see, it’s an Internet plan for low-income families so it’s not open to everyone. It’s specially designed for those residents whose income falls below the poverty line and rely on government-provided subsidies for making their ends meet.

To be eligible for this internet plan, at least one person from the household must be a beneficiary of one of the following grants:

  • National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  • The Community Eligibility Provision
  • Supplemental Security Income

What Makes You Ineligible?

If you are a beneficiary of one of the following programs, you are disqualified for eligibility:

  • Social Security Retirement
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Social Security Disability (SSD)

You are ineligible for Spectrum Internet Assist if you are a subscriber to TWC, Charter Communications, or Bright House Network internet services or have an outstanding debt with the provider.

How Do I Apply?

Applying for SIA is simple. The provider does however requires some proof from you. Make sure you have them with you already.

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Call customer service let them know that you would like to sign up for the SIA plan.
  2. They will also you to provide your zip code to check the availability of the plan in your area
  3. If you are eligible and the program is available in your area as well, then it’s time to gather documents that include proof of subscription to the government subsidies mentioned above
  4. Download the application form from their official website
  5. Fill the form by entering your personal information
  6. Attach the documents with your application form and mail them to this address:

            Spectrum Internet Assist Program

            OCS, 4145 S. Falkenburg Rd, Riverview, Florida

            Zip Code: 33578

  1. You may also scan these documents and send them to [email protected]

Bundling Option Is Available as Well

If you qualify for this program and you want to bundle cable and/or voice services, then this is an option as well. Here is what you can expect from their TV and phone services:

Cable Services

The provider offers FREE HD channels on all its bundles. The TV select tier includes all local affiliates so that you can have a great time being entertained.  With the Spectrum TV app, it’s possible to watch shows on your smartphone and take TV with you wherever you go.

Phone Services

You can make unlimited local and long-distance calls within the country as well as in other states like Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Their voice services are crisp and clear. Each voice plan comes with digital features like caller ID, call forwarding, block list, and more.

Final Words

It’s great to see big ISPs understand the pain of the low-income households too. If you are eligible, this internet plan is ideal to stay connected to the web on a budget.

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