How to Reduce Texas Car Shipping Costs?

According to the 2022 Bureau of Transportation Statistics, approximately 15,000 companies offer auto shipping services to clients across the nation. This is quite a lot even for a country the size of the United States. Well, all indications point to the fact that more companies will get involved.

Places like Texas even have more of these companies than many other parts of the country. Key indicators suggesting that the Lone Star State is a thriving location for such service providers are the major reason for this.

The competition certainly helps consumers in several ways. For example, it is not unusual to see some companies offering mouth-watering incentives in the bid to win over more clients and stay ahead of the competition. But even at that, when it comes to shipping car to Texas or from the Lone Star State, consumers need to know how to reduce auto shipping costs. Fortunately, that will be addressed here in this article provided you keep reading.

Tips on Reducing Auto Shipping Costs to and from Texas

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The Texas auto shipping industry is undoubtedly a highly competitive one as pointed out early on. This certainly helps consumers get better deals from these companies. However, consumers still stand an improved chance of getting better deals when they are aware of certain things. Some of them include the following:

Avoiding Rush Shipping Services

For starters, there is usually a huge cost difference between regular auto shipping services and expedited services. The latter is more expensive than the former for several reasons.

One such reason is that expedited services might mean that the open or enclosed trailer used for transporting these vehicles would have to hit the road even if they are not filled up. This is because of the timely demand that comes with expedited services. So, it is better to avoid rush services that may necessitate expedited services. 

But just in case it is imperative, you should know that some companies may just be unreasonable with their price demand for this service. Generally speaking, for more information on how much is too much when it comes to paying for expedited services.


You are not obligated to accept the terms and conditions of any auto shipping company. You have the right to negotiate the offered terms and conditions. For example, you may not be fine with the cost per mile.

Additionally, being well-informed helps you when negotiating. For example, it is only logical to negotiate for a reduced cost if there is a drop in gas price. This shows how the company’s logistic cost is reduced as a result.

Another important part of being informed is having working knowledge of what various auto shipping service providers offer. More about that is covered in the next point.

Compare Various Companies

The fact that you are not obligated to accept the terms and conditions of any auto-shipping service provider cannot be overemphasized. This is why you are at liberty to compare what various companies are offering.

It is even strongly advised that you do so. This is given how your chances of getting the best auto shipping services at cut prices are increased when you compare several options. Once again, it is very difficult to do this when you make inquiries in a rush. So, plan well ahead!

Utilize Discounts and Incentives

The Texas auto shipping industry is highly competitive and the competition is only going to get more intense. The intense competition is a reason some service providers offer mouth-watering discounts and incentives to their clients.

You should make inquiries about available discounts and incentives that may favor you. Taking advantage of some of these discounts and incentives can significantly reduce auto shipping costs.

Weight Reduction

Several cost factors are involved when it comes to auto shipping. Some of them include distance, current fuel price, service option, vehicle weight, vehicle condition, and season. You can click here for more on this subject.

The fact is that consumers have more or absolute control over some of these cost factors than others. One such is the vehicle’s weight. Of course, some vehicles are weightier than others. However, you can do your bit in reducing a vehicle’s weight. Some weight reduction tips that may be implemented include the following:

  • Removing personal items
  • Removing your jack and spare tire
  • Taking off removable accessories – Such as spoilers, roof rack, and bike rack
  • Reducing your gas tank – Just leave enough for loading and unloading from the trailer
  • Removing bulky parts – Such as removable seats and cargo covers

The aforementioned tips will help in reducing the weight of the vehicle. This would consequently reduce the auto shipping cost.

In Conclusion

There are cost-saving tips that can help reduce the amount that you spend on auto shipping services. A few of them have been discussed here in this article. You should implement them when you need to ship your vehicle to or from Texas.

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