How Long Do Ebikes Last & How To Maintain Them

Electric bike sales are increasing every year, and more riders understand the benefits of power-assisted riding. Although they’re practically identical to ordinary bikes, some consumers are hesitant to join the e-bike craze because of questions about the bicycles’ longevity. With periodic maintenance and repairs, you can maintain an electric bike for several years. However, there’s a motor and battery to replace some time in the future, ebike maintenance is different from a traditional bicycle.

An Ebike’s Service Life

Although an e-bike’s frame can last decades if it’s undamaged, the components have a much shorter lifespan. Like an ordinary bike, an electric model’s parts wear down quicker with frequent use. Here is a breakdown of how long the components last on e-bikes.

The Motor

Since the motor isn’t running constantly, it lasts much longer than other parts of an electric bike. You can get around 10,000 miles of use out of a motor, which means you don’t have to replace it for 10-12 years. However, improper storage and care can decrease the motor’s service life.

The Battery

When you have to charge your battery more often, it’s nearing the end. Batteries can last between three to five years and provide close to 1000 charges.

The Brakes

Harsh weather and extreme temperatures can cause your brakes to deteriorate quicker. Brake lifespans can vary greatly, but they fall between 3000 to 6000 miles. Premium, heavy-duty brakes last longer than discount versions, and mountain bikes typically require more frequent brake replacements.

The Chain

With adequate care, you can use the same chain for up to 3000 miles.

The Tires

Tire lifespans vary between 1000 to 3000 miles and depend on the terrain, weather, durability, and storage. When you’re browsing at ebikes online, you’ll notice several different tire sizes and thicknesses. More robust tires generally last longer.

Maintaining An Electric Bicycle

Caring for your electric bike is similar to maintaining a standard model, but you should pay close attention to the battery and motor. Whether you favor an electric mountain bike or an electric tricycle, you can use these care tips to extend the lifespan of an electric bicycle.

Protect the Battery

Extreme heat and cold shorten the battery’s lifespan, but you can protect the battery by removing it when you park your bike outside. When you store it indoors, keep it away from heat sources and open flames. If you need to store it for an extended period, keep the charge level between 30% to 60%.

Check the Tires Everyday

Check your tires every day before riding for low-pressure levels and leaks. It’s much easier to repair a tire at home than on the side of a public sidewalk.

Adjust the Brakes and Check for Wear

The brakes are vital for safe riding, but some riders forget to inspect their brakes until they’re entirely worn out. Replace your pads or rotors when you notice a reduction in braking power. Before hitting the road, check the action in the brakes to ensure they’re functioning.

Oil the Chain Frequently

Keeping your chain lubricated can extend the service life. Protect the chain from the elements, and add oil after riding in the rain and mud.

By following the guidelines for maintenance and care, you can enjoy your electric bike for several years. For the latest electric bike releases, accessories, and gear, visit an online bicycle distributor.

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