Must-haves within your modern kitchen

Kitchen renovations are becoming extremely popular and it is no surprise due to the rise in the modern and contemporary inspiration that we can find online and all-over social media. Businesses that conduct home renovations have been presented with a larger platform to market their organisation and reach a wider audience simply through apps such as Instagram and Facebook, which leads to our minds being filled with a variety of ideas and visions when we come across their content. Due to the rise in modernity, we believe that this is the most sought-after kitchen style, particularly within the last few years, and the kitchen, after all, does appear to be one of the most significant rooms a home has to offer. With this being said, your friends, family, and most importantly yourself, must enjoy being within this space. Here we will give you a breakdown of what we believe are the essentials to include within a modern kitchen.

Kitchen island/breakfast bar

Dependent on the space that you have available within your space, a kitchen island or a breakfast bar are great additions to modernise your kitchen space, and it breaks up the room, making it look less boring and more put together against your standard kitchen units and worktops. Both of these options are slightly different, and if your space is larger, we would suggest opting for a kitchen island as it will act as a central focal point offering additional seating facilities, extra storage space below the worktop top, as well as extra prep space on the worktop. Breakfast bars, on the other hand, are much more convenient for smaller kitchen spaces. They are likely to be attached to the side of kitchen units or maybe detached from units, but still placed against the wall and supported by legs attaching the surface to the floor. This feature may not offer additional storage space, and may not be as prominent or dominating within the space as a kitchen island would however, they are perfect for adding two or three stools under for a seating area. Try to incorporate these features in neutral colours such as beige, black, grey, or brown to add your contemporary and stylish edge to the room and ensure that it incorporates and matches with the rest of your kitchen. A modern kitchen should not look mismatched!

Modern appliances and electronics 

When you choose to update and renovate your kitchen space, ensure that your budget covers replacing the old appliances, as sometimes, it is likely that they may not fit in with the new style and design of your updated kitchen. Modernised kitchens are most likely to incorporate silver stainless steel or even high gloss or matte black appliances to add sleekness. Therefore, this means ditching the old, tall white larder fridge and replacing it with a silver or black American-style fridge freezer that ties in with the surroundings. Alongside this, smaller appliances such as your toaster, kettle, microwave, and coffee machine are all important to update. A top tip we would give is to ensure that the colour, design, and brand all tie in with one another when it comes to small appliances, this will tie the room together and portray consistency within the space. If your space is large enough, take the tech-savvy approach and utilise space by incorporating technology where you can for additional entertainment. Adding a smart speaker such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Home will allow for not only additional entertainment but smart lighting facilities, and adding in a TV will keep children and yourself content while eating your favourite meal. Ensure this is mounted to a wall to avoid any damage! For TV wall mounting facilities, click here

Finishing touches/personalisation 

A modern kitchen is advised to be minimal however, that does not mean to say that you cannot add a personal touch to the space. After all, the kitchen can be the ultimate family gathering room, and sometimes it can be uplifting to know that it is personal to your family. For example, if you have a free wall available near your laptop table, add some black and white family portrait pictures within large frames or even in canvas form, not only will this fill an empty and bleak space, but it will also personalise the space. Adding greenery such as a countertop or floor plants will also add colour, vibrance, and energy to the space so these are brilliant features. Lastly, it may be wise to replace plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, or any other kitchen utensils or accessories so that they tie in with the new style and design, after all, you have put a lot of time, money, and effort into creating your new space, and the last thing you would want would be for it to look imbalanced or inconsistent. 

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