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Must have furniture to give your rented home a new look

We’ve all had those days when we look about the house and say to ourselves, “God, I need to do something here!” It may be the cluttered shelf or an old chair you haven’t used in a long time. You remember all the furniture hacks you found while perusing the internet while you were too busy to do anything else, and you’re back to reality in no time. You consider the time and work it will take to refurbish your unkempt bedroom or crowded living room. Don’t worry, fixing a few items on a leisurely Sunday while listening to your favourite music isn’t tough. That’s precisely what we’re here to show you how to accomplish! Keep a check on these quick tips before you book single rooms for rent in Chennai.

The lockdown showed us that we can live without a lot of things that we couldn’t fathom our lives without before. It also pushed us to stretch our limits and enhance our skills, whether it was painting, baking, or simply getting through these difficult moments. While we’re all adjusting to our new normal, it’s a good idea to pick a cost-effective lifestyle, especially because most of us never had the time or energy to do so before. If you’ve been thinking about trying out a minimalist lifestyle to make your life simpler, now is the perfect moment to do it.

Do you have an old ladder lying around the house?

This furniture modification will transform your study or guest room into a Pinterest-worthy space.

On the ladder, all you’ll need is some paint and some antiques to serve as placeholders. Place the ladder in a corner and paint it in a colour that matches the tone or mood of your area. Decorate the painted ladder’s rungs with a few antiques. So there you have it! You’ve created a charming, beautiful side table/corner that will make your guests exclaim, “I adore that!” You can make your single bedroom house for rent in Chennailook a lavish place.

Make a bedside light out of your laundry bag.

Isn’t that an intriguing thought? If you have an old reading light and a laundry bag laying around your house, it’s time to make a bedroom lamp out of them. Simply snip off the cloth at the laundry bag’s base and install your reading lamp inside. Plus, you get to pick your own colour, and laundry bags aren’t that pricey. This will gently disperse the light, and you’ll have fantastic bedroom lighting.

An ottoman is made up of old garments and a wash bag.

If you have a lot of old items in your closet, this furniture hack can help you clean it out while also allowing you to acquire a new ottoman.

Fill an old wash basket with old garments made of fabric. You may also fill it with old blankets, towels, and other items. Just make sure they’re all in the right place within the laundry basket so it can rest flat. Pack it securely, shut the top of the washing bag, and cover it with a blanket. It may be used as an extra chair for that unexpected visitor.

Repaint a piece of furniture that already exists.

Most of us are aware of this technique, but we never use it. Give it a go this time! Remove the handles and knobs from your furniture first. Grab some paint and make a creative Sunday out of your idle Sunday.

Furniture hacks: turn an old closet into a bookcase

It may seem strange, but what greater reminder can you offer yourself than to read every day? Unscrew the door of an antique wardrobe with a damaged door hinge and turn it into a nice home for your books. Add a few colours and ornamental accents to kick it up a notch. If this sounds like too much labour, you can just rent a large selection of items.

What is minimalism, exactly?

Minimalism is all about living with only the items that are really necessary for your daily life, those that you utilise on a regular basis.

Minimalism is sometimes misunderstood to mean living with fewer possessions or possessing only the essentials. That isn’t the case. Yes, living a minimalist lifestyle declutters your home. The essential goal, however, is not so much to get rid of stuff as it is to discover the things that you definitely require in order to live a pleasant existence.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to living a minimalist existence. For minimalism, there are no hard and fast rules. Minimalism must lead to a happier, calmer, and more focused mind.


There is no better moment to start living a simple lifestyle than now. The lockdown has already made us more comfortable with the concept of living with only the necessities. Now, all we have to do is carry that one through with only a few small alterations. You now have more free time to sift through your belongings and declutter.

We previously made excuses for why we didn’t have time to use some items, such as that dusty guitar or the waffle maker you have at home. However, if you haven’t used it in the previous three months, you can be sure you won’t use it again.

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