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Party Planning: How to Throw the Ultimate Movie Party

Did you know that movie theme parties are trending right now? Whether it’s a good old-fashioned Oscar Party or a spectacular movie showing outside under the stars, it’s a popular pick for events.

Are you thinking about throwing a movie party but need some inspiration? Now is the perfect time to learn more about some popular trends in event planning. Check out our party planning guide on how to throw the ultimate movie party.

Pick a Theme

If you are going to plan a party, the first step is to pick a theme, of course! You can be inspired by popular tv shows, the Academy Awards, or a retro theme to give your guests a blast from the past. The important part is to choose a theme that is easy for guests to create costumes and participate in.


The next item on your party to-do list is to send out the invites. Create a unique one that fits the theme of your party. Whether you make an e-vite or a paper one, it will set the tone for fun and let your guests know what to wear, bring and expect on the big day.


Whether it’s a birthday party or other occasion, adding costumes to the mix is always a way to make it more fun. You can even provide props like hats, jewelry, or other items as party favors to encourage your guests to dress up at the event.


While popcorn is an obvious (and necessary!) choice, you can add other items to the menu. If you are throwing an outdoor party, you can start the evening with s’mores around a fire pit. Add bite-sized versions of tacos, hot dogs, and other casual snacks to keep it simple and delicious.

Outdoor Seating

No movie screening is complete without seating for the guests. You can arrange a combination of patio furniture in the back and throw pillows, blankets, and even sleeping bags upfront. Or get really elaborate by styling oriental rugs with coordinated pillows, poufs, and shawls to keep your guests cozy and comfortable. Be sure to check out Blossom Costumes if you would like to know more about book week costumes.

Bonus Party Planning Tips

If you really want to make your movie night special, skip the showing on the regular tv screen. You can rent inflatable movie screens to give your big event a professional feel. These are perfect for big outdoor groups and will provide high-quality visuals and sound to make it an incredible viewing experience.

Throw the Ultimate Movie Party

Now that you’ve learned all about party planning, you can create the movie party of your dreams. Pick a fun theme that is popular with your guests and easy to put together costumes for. Then arrange the space for maximum comfort and craft a delicious menu that everyone will remember.

Did this article inspire you to have a movie party? If you’d like to explore other fun ideas, check out the rest of this site for additional DIY projects, crafts, and more.

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