How to Make a Memorial Plan While Grieving

Are you enduring the loss of a loved one? This time can feel overwhelming and heavy on the heart.

While making arrangements may seem impossible with the emotions overcoming you, a ceremony will help you and others navigate the grieving process in a healthy way.

Read on to learn how to make funeral arrangements and/or a memorial plan to honor their life and gently move on with yours.

Type of Service

Some families choose to hold a religious service in a place of worship with prayer and offerings, others opt for a memorial service that seems more inclusive for those who hold differing beliefs. Take into consideration both the wishes of the deceased and the thoughts of their loved ones when deciding.

Remember, this should feel like a time of connectedness, not strife. While religious belief holds a very important place, sometimes the neutrality of a memorial better keeps the peace when conflicting religious views exist within one family. You can opt to hold a funeral right away and then a memorial service at a later date to include everybody.

The body is present at the funeral, so it must happen shortly following death.

Covid made this difficult as does travel when loved ones live scattered. A memorial service works well when you need to wait on it for any reason.

If your loved one served the country or any other service, then contact them. You can arrange to honor this as well regardless of your other decisions.


Plan through the details of whatever service you choose with a coordinator from the funeral home. Talk about things like songs to play, scriptures to read, and prayers to hold. Also, go over who will speak and give eulogies.

Form of Disposition

How you handle the body of your loved one comes with many considerations:

  • Did they request something specific?
  • What does their belief system or their family’s beliefs require?
  • What can you afford?

Options continue to grow. They include:

  • Traditional burial
  • Green burial
  • Cremation
  • Aquamation

Once you choose a method, you must consider what you want for the remains. For all methods, you might need a memorial monument supplier to help you pick a stone to hold their memory over the ages.

Casket or Vessel

For traditional burial, you will need to choose a casket for your loved one to rest in. Whether you go simple or fancy depends solely on your preferences.

For cremation, you may choose a vessel to contain their ashes. Some people choose to keep the vessel but spread the ashes into a special spot. Others opt for growing life with biodegradable tree urns!

Make a Healing Memorial Plan

Your memorial plan should allow you to honor a beautiful life and say goodbye with peace and love. It should honor the traditions of the family and the wishes of the deceased.

Did your loved one reside far away? Look for travel tips on our website to help ensure a smooth trip without unneeded complications.

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