Roof Colors: Choosing Shingles That Compliment Your Home

Every homeowner spends hours deciding on the perfect look for the interior decoration of their new house. With so many options for wallpaper, furniture, and more, you can spend the next year making the house your dream home.

Unfortunately, few homeowners put thought into the exterior of their houses. Yet, the roof is one of the most significant features on the exterior of the house, and it calls for an extra touch of design.

If you are looking to give your roof a unique look, there are many roof colors out there that you can try.

With this in mind, read on to learn the best roofing color ideas.


A black roof works well with many exterior colors and can provide an attractive contrast to the outside of your house. Depending on the type of black shingles color used, the roof may be more subtle or bold.

For a softer look, opt for a deep charcoal black to blend in with the other elements of the home. For a more modern look, the glossy jet black look was striking, combined with lighter exterior colors.

Exotic black metal shingles can also look beautiful when used in contemporary designs. In all cases, the right black for the roof shingles colors will make the house stand out and will also protect it from the elements for many years to come.


Gray is a popular choice for roofs since it complements a variety of house colors and styles. It is a conservative choice and works well with lighter and darker homes, contemporary and traditional.

For lighter house colors, a warm gray shingle works best. This creates contrast without being too bold. Darker colors may require a cooler gray to blend in with the house color.

Depending on the type of shingle, textured or standard, the shade of gray may be adjusted to the desired look. Consider a roofing company for your landscaping when picking colors, as having shingles that blend in with the existing foliage can help your home blend in naturally.


When choosing a roof color for your home, brown is an excellent choice. It is a classic color that will work well with various exterior styles. Brown shingles provide a natural and warm look to your home.

To complete the look, try choosing colors in your paint, trim, and window details that will compliment the brown color. Choose warm hues of yellow, tan, beige, or other earthy tones.

A dark brown roof will help add depth to your home, while a more neutral brown may be a better choice to blend in with existing colors. Choosing brown shingles offers a timeless look at any home that can stand up to the elements and last a lifetime.

Choosing The Perfect Roof Colors

The selection of roof colors for your home is an important decision and can have a lasting impact on your home’s curb appeal and exterior. As you choose a shingle, consider the size and color of your home and the environment around it. With careful consideration, you can choose shingles that beautifully enhance your home.

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