The Benefits of Renting a Generator Set for Your Business

Businesses that rely on electricity will suffer terrible losses if a power outage occurs. It is therefore important for them to have a backup generator to minimize any downtime. However, it would be best if you considered the choice between purchasing a generator or opting for generator rentals. Here are the advantages of renting a generator. 

Less Maintenance and Downtime.

 If you purchase a generator, you will need to have it serviced and maintained, which means that you will need to pay for labor costs. However, if you opt to rent a generator from a reputable company, this company will take care of the maintenance for you. If your unit is scheduled for servicing, the generator rentals company may replace it with another unit to eliminate any downtime. 

Saves Money. 

Your business will save a lot of money when you opt for renting a generator for short term usage. Likewise, when renting a generator, you will not need to shoulder the cost of maintenance and storage. However, if you are going to need a generator as a backup power supply, then purchasing a generator for your business will be a worthwhile investment. 


When you choose to rent a generator, you have the option to choose the models according to your requirements. There are different types of generators to choose from, depending on their power outputs and ratings. Renting a generator allows you to choose a generator with just enough power rating for your project. 

Services and Repairs. 

Generator rentals companies may include in their packages field support where their in-house technicians can help you set up the generator wherever you may need them. Generator rental companies will also ensure that the generators that you will be using are compliant with any local laws that govern the usage of generators or backup power supplies. 

Trial Run. 

If your company has decided on purchasing a backup generator but is unsure on what model to choose, renting a generator will allow you to assess the model to determine if it has sufficient power output ratings that your company will need. Renting first before buying will eliminate any regrets of investing a lot of money for a generator model that is not sufficient for your power needs. 

Warranty and Insurance Coverage. 

When you rent a generator, you will not have to pay for the insurance coverage and warranty. Generator rentals will often come with a renter’s insurance to protect you from damages in the event of a malfunction. Generator rental companies will also replace any malfunctioning unit immediately to reduce downtime. 

Easy to Upgrade. 

If your business is starting up, you may only need a generator with a small power output rating. However, when your business expands, your power requirements may also increase. You can easily ask the generator rentals company to switch your unit to one with a larger power unit as your company expands. 

Disaster Response. 

Renting a generator will allow your company to immediately respond to a disaster such as losing power because of a broken power line. A rented generator will allow you to continue with your production until the power gets back to normal. 

The power source of your business should be stable at all times. Any power outages can cause your production to have downtime which can result in significant losses to your company. Having a backup power source such as generator rentals will ensure that your productivity will not be affected.

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