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The Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents In Arizona

Most of the time, when someone hears about a motorcycle accident in Arizona, they picture a rider hitting their head on the asphalt after being thrown from the bike. In this article, we will not discuss rare cases where someone is thrown from their motorcycle, causing road rash and possibly being run over by other motorists.

No matter the cause of the accident, always remember to consult a Peoria motorcycle accident lawyer. They will understand the cause of your accident, whether it be a pothole that you hit or if another car pulled out in front of you.

Instead, we will discuss some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Arizona.

1. The Motorcycle Is Too Fast

The number one cause of motorcycle accidents is riders driving too fast for conditions. Whether it’s traveling down the freeway, riding on the interstate, or even making a turn through an intersection, if you cannot slow down enough to negotiate the corner, there is no way you should be attempting said turn.

2. Motorcycles Are Invisible

The second most common cause of motorcycle accidents in Arizona is that other motorists don’t see the motorcycle. With motorcycles being much smaller than cars, other drivers cannot easily spot them. If you have a car or truck pulling out in front of you, take another look. Ensure the person did see you and that they are not about to pull out in front of you.

3. The Motorcycle Loses Control

The third most common cause of motorcycle accidents is the motorcycle losing control. Whether it be hitting slippery spots on the road or having parts break off during turns, losing control of your bike is an all too common reason for an accident in Arizona.

4. The Motorcycle Hits An Object On The Road

The fourth most common cause of motorcycle accidents is when the rider hits something on the road. Whether it be a pothole, rock, or even loose gravel, if you cannot maneuver around this object, there’s no way you are going to avoid an accident. These objects can be spotted ahead of time if you are paying attention to where you are riding, or you could end up hitting them suddenly like the first three causes on this list.

5. The Motorcycle Hits Another Vehicle

The fifth most common cause of motorcycle accidents in Arizona is when the rider hits another vehicle, whether a car, truck, or another motorcycle. When this happens, it is typically due to the rider running into another vehicle’s back or being hit by another driver. Again, if you cannot slow down enough for conditions, you should not be attempting turns.

6. The Motorcycle Overtakes A Vehicle On The Right Or Left

The sixth most common cause of motorcycle accidents in Arizona is when the rider goes to pass a vehicle – either on the right or left side. If this happens, you could be hit by another car that didn’t see you because they are focused on the car ahead of them.


Motorcycle accidents are a large percentage of accidents in Arizona – it is essential to be aware of your surroundings at all times, look for potential hazards ahead of you, and travel as safely as possible.

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