Slow-Running Mac

Tired of a Slow-Running Mac? Not Anymore!

“Oh! My system is hanging again. I can’t even change a single tab smoothly.” Ever encountered this situation? I am sure you must have. We often ignore the importance of a clutter-free system and eventually encounter such a problem that later hampers our work. So, next time you copy and paste files on your system haphazardly, think again!

Here we have come up with some fantastic tips to declutter your Mac quickly to help you with this.

Optimize the storage

Need more storage space? Go to the “Apple menu” and select “About this Mac.” Click on “storage.” Here you will get to know about the connected storage list, be it SSD or hard drive. You will have an idea about how much space is taken up by each segment. By clicking on “Manage,” you can decide which files to keep and which ones to delete. This will help you in optimizing your Mac’s storage.

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your desktop

You are working on a messy desk. How does it feel? Not good, right! Likewise, your computer’s desktop also needs a cleanup drive. Sort the files on the desktop. Make two folders. It will lead to an overview. Name the new folders and sort the files in them weekly. Recognize the items that you hardly use and delete their icons.

To make it easier, Mac has a feature called Stacks. It works with the Mojave operating system. This feature will help you make the stacks neatly according to the file type and sorting the files on your desktop.

Organize downloads and trash

We all love to download our favorite movies, songs, and videos. And within a short period of time, our system becomes full of those files. Open up the download and trash folder. See how much space it is taking. Sort them out and remove unnecessary files. This will make your laptop clean. You will acquire the space for the important items as well. Your system will run smoothly.

You must keep a check on the duplicate files as well. Here’s what you need to do.

No more duplicate photos

We are never satisfied with the one-shot. This scenario goes on, and our gadget becomes full of similar photographs. If you are thinking of deleting these duplicate images manually, then hang on! You do not have to find those files to delete one by one. There is an app called Gemini 2, which makes your task a piece of cake. For this, you can:

  1. Install Gemini 2 on your Mac and launch it.
  • Select “Scan for duplicates” and then click “Review results.”
  • After it, opt for a smart clean up and congratulations! All the duplicate photos will vanish with just one click.

Seeing your device messy will drive you nuts if the work you are doing is important or time-sensitive. Do not let these unnecessary files, emails, and photos take up your drive space. You do not want the message of “storage space is full,” right? So declutter your device right away!

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