How the Internet Impact Paper Writing: The Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s not telltales. The internet came to influence change in humans in multiple ways. Today, everyone has access to millions of validated materials and resources that make communication easier and fun. But people still wonder if the World Web offers an excellent platform for writing research papers. Can you use the internet to source for materials to ease essay writing or I should just pay for research paper writing? This article outlines the merits and demerits.

How is Internet Benefits Essay Writing?

These are the five ways using the internet to write essays is beneficial.

  1. Quality and quick access to learning materials. Learners can source materials to write their essays by just inserting the keyword search on search engine pages. We’ve thousands of trusted databases, courses, and websites, providing the data students need.
  2. The internet makes it fun and easy to learn how to write different types of academic papers. A little research combined with the knowledge you gained in the university can catapult your writing skills to great heights. Use the materials available and write often to hone your writing skills.
  3. The internet saves time. Learning the art of writing academic papers online is easy and requires minimal to no effort. Access to the right materials is all it takes to ready yourself for the learning process. Using the internet as a source of info gives you enough time to compare different papers to improve where necessary.
  4. Grades are better. The internet provides lots of resources for learners to up their game in content writing. You get to find many research firms ready to help you write your essays for money.
  5. Ease of communication. Students and writers have a straightforward channel to link and help each other better their writing skills.

Negative Impacts of the Internet in Paper Writing

Using the internet to hone your writing skills come with these negative impacts.

  1. Too much trust which minimizes quality output. There are many resources for quality essay writing guidelines but people only use the internet.
  2. The large quantity of information scares some students. Such huge volumes of data will make students loose concentration and spend time doing things that won’t add to the quality of the papers.
  3. The advent of the internet provided access to data, and most students are using it as a way to steal papers from other students. They just do simple content paraphrasing and sentence rearrangement.

Use These Apps to Better Your Academic Writing

No shortage of apps to hone essay writing skills. Here are three apps that guarantee a better writing.

  1. Hemingway—this app instructs you on the proper arrangement of sentences, avoidance of using complex sentences, and proper content structuring so you can write papers that are easy and fun to read.
  2. Grammarly App—this is the world’s most used grammar improving app. It helps you correct your paper’s grammar mistakes, ensuring you can create an almost perfect paper.
  3. 750words—this app aims to help you write better and more frequently. It’s the app to use if you want to up your academic paper writing game with minimal hassle.


Excellent academic papers pass the message without omitting essential information. They’re simple and fun to read and lecturers will always grade them higher. But the journey to becoming the perfect academic writer is not short. It takes time and for you to become the perfect writer, learn the basics and use any or all of the apps outlined above. When learning the art, don’t rely entirely on the internet for useful sources. There are many other resources including books and printed copies.

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