Top 3 Trades Careers In 2022

Trades careers are in high demand. The national labor shortage means those working in the trades, such as HVAC technicians, veterinary assistants, truck drivers, and electricians, can get a job almost immediately. Make great money and much higher than minimum wage!

Jobs in the trade careers require some level of education, but many employers will pay for furthering your education. Some employers will even give you a bonus when you start.

Here are the top three trades careers you should consider this year.

1) Trades Careers And An HVAC Technician

An HVAC technician makes sure the heat and air-conditioning run at shopping malls, homes, schools, and businesses. These skilled tradespeople work to ensure the system is running right and efficiently. Maintenance is part of the job too, and when the system breaks, they are first to fix any problems.

HVAC technicians sometimes require the help of electricians, truck drivers, and welders to help get the job done. It takes a team approach to complete a task in large construction jobs.

HVAC school is the best place to learn your craft and begin a successful career. Start your career off right with the vest education!

2) Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary assistants play a vital role in the healthcare of your pets. They work in tandem with veterinarians to help with annual check-ups, surgery, and looking after their well-being. You don’t need an advanced degree to become a veterinary assistant.

Of course, you must love animals, but you must also know the job includes cleaning kennels, cages, and surfaces where animals linger. You also must feed animals and administer medicine. In addition, there might be some clerical work.

Many people might think these types of jobs only exist in veterinary hospitals, but you can work at a zoo, animal care facility, or in research. You can make nearly $30,000 to start.

3) Truck Driver

In the past year, news reports flourished about the lack of truck drivers and issues with the supply chain. Items can’t get delivered to stores and warehouses without the help of truck drivers.

While the job requires long hours on the road, you can make great money and even get a sign-on bonus.

As a truck driver, you get to travel and see different parts of the country. Because your employer will pay your expenses, it’s a great way to visit new places. With so many companies looking for truck drivers, you have a tremendous opportunity for freedom and independence.

Top Three Careers In The Trades

The top three trades careers are HVAC technicians, veterinary assistants, and truck drivers. Each of these careers means you can make great money have your pick of employers!

Be a part of the growing careers in the trades. Don’t think you have to spend many years in the classroom to earn a livable wage for your family!

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