Have you ever made an assignment and seen it bounce back with a bad grade even when you have done everything right? Despite doing abundant research and using the best content available, your teacher still ended up disliking your assignment. This is because your article might be containing plagiarism.

Plagiarism literally means the act of ‘’stealing’’. It is an act of theft. Which means copying someone’s work and then passing it out as your own. This act is considered to be a serious crime and punishments are now implemented on the people committing such an act.

How can Plagiarism be avoided?

Avoiding plagiarism is very important. This is not only for academic purposes but because people have their work protected through copyrights. Copyrights are basically a collection of rights which are provided to the creator or owner of the specific content. This law implies serious punishments and penalties for people who copy someone’s work without their permission.

There are a few ways in which you avoid plagiarism in your work and in your assignments. These have been listed below.

1- Paraphrase
We can not deny the fact that you do need to make researches in certain cases and you cannot help but take some bits from other people’s work. However, you can express it in your own words so you don’t steal anyone’s content. Paraphrasing means to write a specific idea in your own or changed words.

As a blogger, be sure to change the article’s wordings but not to alter the main idea because you have to stick to the main one.

2- Mention the source
obviously, if you will mention where you took certain content from, you won’t have to face plagiarism issues. So you can simply mention the source or the owner who the work belongs to.

3- Use a plagiarism checker to be sure that your article is plagiarism-free
To be sure that your work is all plagiarism-free and that it does not become an issue, later on, it is very significant that you use a plagiarism checker. These are software which is present online and help detect plagiarism and even express the amount detected in percentage.

We have mentioned some of them especially for students, below.


Your documents might exist in numerous formats. PDF, GIF, DOC, DOCX and so many more. All these formats are used for different purposes. For students, the pdf format is considered as the most suitable one and they are usually told to submit their assignments in this format.
This is because this file format does not depend on operating systems, application software, or hardware. Hence, it is considered the most convenient source to present files.

1. Check-Plagiarism


Check-Plagiarism analyzes the PDF and comes up with the detected plagiarism for free. It is known to be the most commendable tool to be used for plagiarism detection since it allows you to upload your text in numerous formats.

With all this, Check-Plagiarism is really easy and simple to use. Since students don’t prefer wasting a lot of time figuring out how a tool works, Check-Plagiarism makes sure that it saves them from the struggle and provides them with the simplest interface. You can also find a video clip on their site which is a guide for you to know how to use the software.

You are allowed up to 50 searches each day which is pretty sufficient. However, you have to create an account for that otherwise you are only allowed one search per day.

2- Prepostseo

prepost-seo offers you with a number of tools and all of them work in the most efficient manner possible. From grammar checkers and paraphrasing tools, they have all you need gathered in one place.

With that, prepostseo’s PDF plagiarism checker is one of the best ones available online especially for students who do not intend on investing in such a tool but want no compromises on quality.

This software works to detect every type of plagiarism for different formats. This includes patchwork plagiarism, incremental plagiarism and etc.

It offers you a chrome extension. Your text is not only compared to other files but it’s also grammatically checked. Moreover, it has done the maximum to protect the content that you upload. There is a copyright checker that has been built just so you can trust the tool with sensitive content without hesitation.

Again, very simple to use.

3- Plagiarismsoftware

This software is very famous among students because along with being a pdf plagiarism checker, it supports other formats as well. Around 2 million of its users are students. From scanning millions of books, webpages, and journals, this software does it all.

Plagiarismsoftwarehas the feature of deep scanning. This means that it dives much deeper into the text present to search for any plagiarized content. You can do ‘’near-exact matching’’ or ‘’contextual plagiarism search’’ so numerous factors are taken into account while plagiarism is checked.


The software, despite being free, allows you to make constant searches every day without any limit of words or the amount of use. So it makes sure there is no hurdle in your way while you use the software.

You just have to copy-paste the content to be checked.
Its interface includes boxes in which you can paste the URLs which you want to either include for the text detection or you want to exclude them. This can be helpful in many ways since you can check for something that has already been used multiple times.

5- Plagramme

Plagramme has a free version that has some limitations to it but it still makes it one of the best plagiarism checkers to be used by students for some really good purposes.

This is not just a plagiarism checker but even has a scoring system. Which includes numerous metrics and is even present in the free version. The scoring system makes it an ideal one for students. Moreover, it a pdf plagiarism checker so it comes up to every student’s needs.

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