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Watch Fashion Trends to Watch Out For

Are you looking for ways to liven up your fashion style with accessories? Do you want to learn more about how the finer details of your outfit can bring a whole new vibe? If so, there’s no better way to do so than by learning about watch fashion.

The different watches that you wear can set the mood for your entire outfit. Wearing a silver or gold watch will give off a luxurious vibe. Wearing a Fitbit or Apple watch will give off a modern, laid-back vibe. 

See below for several watch fashion trends that you’ll want to add to your outfits. Be sure to consider them all as you search.

1. Apple Watch Designer Straps

Smartwatches are all the rage these days. Whether you’re donning an Apple Watch or a Fitbit watch, it’s undoubtedly part of your everyday fashion.

However, smartwatches can look somewhat awkward when you’re trying to dress up for a special occasion. The silicon straps give off a look that doesn’t quite go with that designer dress or men’s suit that you’re wearing.

For that reason, you might consider purchase Louis Vuitton Apple Watch straps for those special occasions. They are sure to “wow” several people at the event that you’re attending.

Their illustrious design is a tremendous conversation starter and will go perfect with almost any get up. The color styles are just uniform enough to blend in with your outfit, but bold enough to “pop” and gravitate eyes to it.

2. Leather Straps

The trendiness of leather will always have its peaks and valleys, but 2021 fashion is definitely all about leather! As such, you can use that knowledge to your advantage with the watch that you wear. 

You’ll enjoy getting the chance to break out more leather pieces for your outfits, such as that old leather jacket, leather boots, and leather belt. But what you should shop around for is a few different watches with leather straps on it. 

It’s the perfect blend for any occasion. Just classy enough to wear for black tie and dress wearing events, but casual enough to wear to church, school, or to hang out with friends.

If you’re looking to take full advantage of leather being a hod commodity, be sure to shop around for other leather accessories that you’ll love. Ladies, use it as an excuse to buy something “in” for your boyfriend, husband, father, brother, and so on. They’ll love it!

3. Rectangular Face

Perhaps you’re looking for a different style of watch. You want something that breaks away from the traditional circle face that most watches use these days.

However, you might already wear a square-faced watch often in your Apple Watch or Fitbit watch. How can you find originality with those two options off the list? Try going for a watch with a rectangular face to switch things up.

You can find rectangular face watch options made by most of the top watch brands such as Rolex, Tissot, Casio, Nixon, Timex, Nichale Kors, and so on. 

The rectangular face will bring a classic and old-timey look to your outfit. You can choose a gold watch with a gold face to blow people away when you walk buy. 

You could mix a silver rectangular face with brown leather straps in order to match your silver wedding ring. Whatever you’re feeling, you’ll always look forward to wearing a type of watch face that’s a bit more unconventional.

4. Get Shiny With It

Who said your watches can’t be bejewelled? Why should the watch’s face be the loudest part of its design? Many women are flocking to the style of a bejeweled watch and all their masterful designs.

You could search for a thick gold bracelet that’s bejeweled all around, giving you a classy way to tell anyone what time it is.

You could also decide to be a bit more subtle by choosing a thinner bracelet piece with a small watch face. That way, it brings you the helpful features of a watch, but letting the diamonds do all the talking.

No matter what kind of bejeweled watch ensemble you choose, you’re sure to turn heads when you walk through the door. Consider matching it closely with the necklace you choose to wear in order to make a masterpiece of an outfit for your night out on the town.

5. Clean and Silicone

Not every watch that you wear has to be shiny and sleek. Sometimes you just need a watch that’s able to keep up with your hectic and active lifestyle.

Lucky for you, simple watch designs are in right now. You can easily find a watch with a basic face and silicone straps that will send a subtle, yet trendy message.

Better yet, you can find a watch with replaceable straps in order to customize your strap color by the day. Not only will it match with more of your outfits, but you can also add some extra flavor to even the most neutral of outfits.

Don’t let the silicone fool you, some of these watches can still get pretty pricey. Just find an active watch style that you enjoy and roll with it!

Use These Watch Fashion Trends to Your Advantage

Now that you’ve seen several amazing watch fashion trends to keep your eye out for, it’s time (pun intended) to begin your search.

Start by looking at the different brands you might want to invest in. Make a list of different watches you come across and sort them by style, price, material, and color to find something you’ll truly enjoy.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on fashion trends, as well as many other helpful topics that you will enjoy.

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