5 New Colours for Groom’s Sherwani That are Ruling Hearts

No such law says grooms should go for a classic black tux or the conventional beige and red coloured sherwani for their wedding rituals. But, much like their other half (the brides), grooms have gobs of shades to play with when it comes to their wedding garbs. And if we go by the recent trends, it’s pastels that are making the most noise. Owing to their eternal fineness and the chic touch they deliver, pastels have turned into a go-to preference for all the desi grooms. These gentle and graceful shades come across as super rejuvenating and are the best for a daytime wedding.

To make a statement look at your wedding, you can put on accessories like Safa, mojaris and statement neckpieces, which can assist in refining the look of your sherwani. Listed below are some colours that will rule your wedding along with your guests’ hearts.

Off-white Sherwani

This one is a quintessential shade for sherwani that goes fluently with a Kashmiri red dupatta. To break the monotonousness and add a cocktail factor, finalize the whole get-up with a blue pocket square. For a jaw-dropping look, you can wear it with maroon embellished juttis or mojaris to add diversity.

Floral Patterned Sherwani

Not a colour, but definitely a design pattern all grooms would love to rock. What began with shirts has entered the conventional wear market today too, and men have all the reasons to glorify it. So if you’re thinking of buying a floral sherwani, always be sure to level your wedding look with light shade-safe, plain churidar or pants and plain juttis.

Multi-Coloured Sherwani

 Why always opt for single-colour sherwani when you can also wear a colourful sherwani? A multicoloured sherwani for the groom with a similar straight lines design helps master the ultimate look without coming across too intimidating or jazzy. The diverse colour hues give it a fascinating old-school look.

Light Blue Sherwani

The exemplary ivory sherwani made in crocheted silk with Bengal tiger buttons is the epitome of fineness and grace! This type of ivory sherwani speaks for itself and is a unique colour option for grooms. If you don’t like to slip into brighter tones, this is the best option for you.

Dark Green Sherwani

 Not a fan of pastels? Then go green at your wedding. The dark green shade has a regal appeal and is an emblem of custom bridal wear. A sherwani in dark green colour will surely catch your eyes off you, making you the centre of attention (after the bride, of course). And it’s exemplary apparel and will surely be appreciated by your lovely bride-to-be. The material quality of your sherwani is very significant. It should be given top precedence because even a sherwani with unique colours and designs but in a cheap quality material will break your whole look. The refinement and intricacy of an excellent texture, such as silk, are far better than the average fabric materials. Just be sure that you are also subtly matching your sherwani with your gorgeous soon-to-be wife’s outfit.

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