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What Are the Best Chicago Neighborhoods to Live In?

With almost 3 million people living in Chicago, there are plenty of neighborhoods to spread out into without feeling like you’re always around people.

Whether you live downtown in the Windy City or choose one of the other best Chicago neighborhoods around, you’ll be sure to fall in love with one of them. From entertainment to historical museums, there’s something for everyone.

Keep reading this guide to Chicago neighborhoods to learn which fits your needs the most!


If you’re looking for entertainment in the Windy City, Bucktown is the place to be.

You’ll find everything from musical entertainment, poetry, and plays to outdoor recreational activities. Stop by The Hideout if you love music or go to the Bloomington Trail to run with some of the best views of the city.

You’ll have easy access to public transportation and can pretty much walk everywhere.

In regards to crime, Bucktown has a higher crime rate than some other Chicago suburbs, but as long as you are proactive with being safe, you’ll be totally fine living here!

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If you’re looking for a more affordable neighborhood, Bridgeport is calling your name. A two-bedroom average rent is around $1,200, and the median sale price for a house was $313,000.

Located on the Southwest Side of Chicago, there are many options to either rent or buy a home. There’s a mix of cottages, rowhouses, and some brick flats. If you’re looking for some historic charm, Bridgeport has that for you.

Choosing to live in Bridgeport will put you close to Chinatown and the Bridgeport Arts Center. This means you’ll be close to many delicious restaurants and some fun events and classes that you can take part in.

South Shore

South Shore boasts beautiful views as one of the nicest areas in Chicago is located right on the lake. Not only is this neighborhood right on the lake, but it also offers the South Shore Cultural Center. This building is a beautiful Mediterranean Revival building that is perfect for large events and weddings. Not to mention, this is where Obamas’ wedding reception took place.

If you need a bit of pop culture and history in your life, check out the Stony Island Arts Bank in the neighborhood.

Although this neighborhood is bustling, the rent prices and home prices are still affordable because it’s a bit further from the heart of Chicago. If that doesn’t bother you, these prices are worth it!

Lincoln Park

Just west of Lincoln Park itself, this neighborhood is basically in the heart of the bustling Windy City, giving it a walking score of 94. This is pretty much unbeatable in the other surrounding neighborhoods.

Living in Lincoln Park will give you beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, while also giving you access to world-class entertainment and outdoor activities.

Around this area, you’ll be near the Chicago History Museum, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Lily Pond. Whether you need an indoor activity on a rainy day or an outdoor one on a crisp, fall day, you have many options.

West Loop

More on the expensive side of things, West Loop is a great neighborhood to be in in the city. There are newer loft apartments here that have been transformed from old manufacturing buildings and factories.

If you’re a food lover, this neighborhood is for you. You need to try out Rose Mary, Chikatana, and Good Ambler. In addition to those, there are so many other restaurants you need to try whether it’s a cheap dive restaurant or a higher-end dining experience.

If food isn’t your favorite pastime, you can hit up the shops in West Loop like Madewell. You’ll constantly be updating your wardrobe to be the trendiest in the neighborhood!

Hyde Park

Hyde Park doesn’t just sound cool, it is cool. Moving here gives you some of the most historical parts of Chicago. Previous residents in Hyde Park consist of Amelia Earhart and Chaka Khan.

The University of Chicago is located in Hyde Park as well, so you’re not only near one of the best universities in the country, you are also near a younger crowd.

In this area, you’ll find many different museums like the DuSable Museum of African American history or the Museum of Science and Industry, which is one of the largest museums in the country.

Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park is a loved neighborhood and for good reason. Located on the West Side, there are tree-lined streets and the home to a large Puerto Rican culture.

A green-space haven, Humboldt Park stands out as of of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Chicago. There is access to many parks, beautiful murals around the neighborhood, and the 606 Trail (a 207-acre park).

Not only is there green space everywhere you look, but the apartments are spacious and on the cheaper side of Chicago rent, around $1,300 for a two-bedroom apartment.

Ready to Move to One of the Best Chicago Neighborhoods?

There are many different options to choose from if you’re ready to move to Windy City. Whether you want to be downtown, near entertainment but in the suburbs, have museums a step away, or be surrounded by a ton of green space, there is something for everyone!

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