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What Happens If You Don’t Work with a Divorce Solicitor in Chelmsford

When once-beloved couples turn so sour that they can’t stand each other, divorce comes to the rescue. The people of Chelmsford are too familiar with this situation. The city had some of the highest divorce rates in the country in 2013, with 1542 petitions.

Things don’t seem to have improved since. Divorce rates have risen across England and Wales at an annual rate that’s the highest in 50 years. The Office of National Statistics data states that there’s been an 18.4% increase, going from 90,871 in 2018 to 107,599 in 2020. These figures follow the highs of 2014, which contained 111,169 divorce grants in the region.

Going through a divorce means battling not just the soured emotions but also the legal complexities. When divorce by mutual consent isn’t possible, contact a divorce solicitor Chelmsford. They will provide all the necessary help required to complete the divorce process without a hitch.

When What’s Breaking Is More Than The Marriage

The divorce laws in the UK are a very tricky business. A divorce solicitor in Chelmsford will be well-versed with the relevant laws, along with the functioning of the local bodies that preside over them. If not navigated through properly, the numerous terms and conditions could leave divorcing couples in a situation that’s far more difficult than their present one.

Delayed Grant

UK law requires that divorcing couples be permanent residents of the country and have been married for at least a year before the filing. Courtroom proceedings will further add to the delay, and that is with a divorce solicitor at work.

Thus, it goes without saying that to hasten the proceedings and ensure they happen without hiccups, one must hire a divorce lawyer.

Wealth Distribution Woes

Money is a significant factor in relationships and an even bigger one in divorces. Everything from business partnerships to pension funds will come into focus, adding to the already overwhelming list of things that divorces bring.

A divorce solicitor can be of immense help in such matters. With their awareness of applicable laws and experience, they will serve as the informative, neutral party who can help with the amicable distribution of finances between the couple. They may even bring along a financial advisor if needed.

The Children Could Bear A Bigger Brunt

Divorcing couples with children must tread very carefully, as divorces are known to impact them negatively. Dragging them into fights and forcing them to choose sides will scar their emotional state for good. This problem gets compounded when child custody issues climb the divorce court’s steps.

Divorce solicitors will intervene in child custody matters in a manner as to lead to the best results. They can ensure that the children end up with the most suitable parent or chart out co-parenting norms that suit all parties involved.

Domestic Violence Could Go Unchecked

Domestic violence is a harsh reality behind many divorces. An abusive spouse could be a threat to their partner, the children, family, and others. A divorce lawyer can protect the vulnerable by bringing in the full force of the law. An example is a restraining order.

Chelmsford offers a nice place to settle for families. And should having a family there not work out, a divorce solicitor in Chelmsford is always at hand to sort any divorce-related issues for everyone’s benefit.

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