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Why Should You Look for a Personal Injury Attorney After a Bike Accident?

A “personal injury” is an event that causes harm to an individual accidentally or intentionally. Reports show that over 53% of personal injury cases in Philadelphia, which is the largest city in Pennsylvania, result from motor vehicle accidents. The city has bustling roads and highways because it is a metropolitan statistical area and is home to several large corporations.

Bike accidents and other personal injuries are pretty prominent in the city. In case you are a victim of a personal injury after a bike accident in the city, you should contact an expert personal injury attorney Philadelphia as soon as you can.

What is a Personal Injury?

If you sustained injuries from a bike accident, you have the right to file a personal injury claim. Bike accident victims may sustain severe injuries like bone fractures, spine injuries, skull injuries, or even fatalities. The city has strict laws in place to prevent bike accidents.

Before filing for a claim, you may want to ensure you didn’t cause the accident due to self-negligence. Bikers who violate traffic laws are fined up to $119.50 for negligence. For an incident to qualify as a personal injury, your lawyer will first have to prove that the injury resulted from another person’s negligence. Your lawyer will analyze the following questions:

  • Was a specific person or organization in charge of ensuring your safety?
  • Were the safety measures implemented to prevent harm inadequate?
  • Did the accident or negligence cause the injury?

For instance, if you sustained the bike accident because the person who caused the injury didn’t follow traffic regulations to protect bikers or because the traffic signals were malfunctioning, you are entitled to a personal injury claim. 

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

The guidance of an expert personal injury attorney in Philadelphia who has sufficient experience in dealing with bike accident-related claims can be valuable to you if you have sustained a personal injury after a bike accident. 

Experience and Expertise

Since the attorney deals with similar cases daily, he/she knows the intricacies involved, what points are more valid than others, the legal procedure to file for a personal injury claim, whom to approach, etc.

Understanding of Law

Legal provisions relating to personal injury claims are complicated. A lawyer specializing in bike accident-related personal injuries should also be well versed with traffic laws in the city to determine if the accident. Attorneys analyze related laws simultaneously to decide what provisions apply in your case and what points can work to your advantage. 

Proving Negligence

It is not easy to prove another person’s negligence in a personal injury case. The legal provisions vary based on each circumstance. A skilled personal injury lawyer will use efficient strategies to prove negligence. 

Choose a Reputed Attorney

Reports show that there were 551 bike accidents in Philadelphia in 2014, and close to 50 people were killed because of bike accidents. The most common reasons for bike accidents are the negligence of other drivers or pedestrians and sharp turns. Working with a reputed attorney can help you win your claim.

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