Best Translation Apps

What are the Best Translation Apps that Travelers Should Use?

Traveling is the passion for many around the world and why shouldn’t it be so? When you travel, you get to meet new people, explore new cultures, eat delicious food, and enhance your perspective towards life. Furthermore, you directly get to witness many beautiful scenes and landscapes that you may have watched on your Cox cable in high-definition. Witnessing these scenes in person is just surreal. However, once you travel to foreign lands, you may have difficulty communicating with the natives. This may have been an issue in the olden times but today, thanks to technology, you can use translation apps. With them, you can do the translation of voice, text, and symbols.

Read about the best tools below to make the most out of your next trip!

Google Translate

The tech giant, Google, provides many services to users all over the world. Google Translate is another such service. You can use it to translate any language into your native language. The service itself identifies the language you want to translate. Another key feature of the app is its ability to read road symbols and signs. Simply take a photo and share it with the app. You can also draw special characters and symbols on the app for translation purposes. The app has support for more than a hundred languages. For some of these languages, the app works offline as well.


TripLingo, as the name implies, is ideal for people who like to travel. This doesn’t, however, mean that it’s not good for other purposes. The app has support for both textual and vocal translations. Additionally, the app comes with support for 42 languages. You can use the app to get information regarding different cultures as well. TripLingo shares many keen insights about the traditions, customs, and etiquettes of people belonging to different regions. The app also provides careful insights into the tipping culture prevalent in the country you’re visiting. You can integrate a receipt translating feature in the app to translate receipts as well. The app can also translate sales slips.


iTranslate is a dedicated translation app for the travel industry. This app comes with many features that make its users absolutely fall in love with it. If you want to see physical proof of this, simply check out the hundreds and thousands of reviews on iTunes. Almost half a million have rated the app on Google Play as well! The app comes with many predefined phrases. It can translate them to a language of your choice. Then, you can use them to communicate with foreigners in their language. Currently, the app supports more than a hundred languages. If you purchase the pro version of the app, you can get a lot more. Website translations, offline translation, and voice-to-voice conversations are just a few of them.


TextGrabber is, perhaps, the best app in the market if you want to translate street signs and symbols using your camera. Scan the text you want to translate just like you scan a barcode. You can get a translation in any language of your preference. Note that the app comes with a very powerful translating system. You will have the translation ready in front of your eyes in no time!

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is another powerful translation service that you can benefit from. The app allows users to translate texts, audio, and images into any of the 60 languages it supports. The app is also functional when it’s offline. You can also save translations for future use in the app.

Phrasebook is a tool in Microsoft Translator that will allow you to translate the most common phrases in the world into a language of your choice. The tool stores these phrases and you can easily look them up at a later time for reference purposes.


WayGo is very good for those who speak English as their first language particularly if they are traveling to Asian countries. More Westerners prefer to go to China, Korea, and Japan and the app works like a wonder in these places. The application comes with support for Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, Chinese, and Kanji. WayGocomes with excellent translation features for text and images. The app also comes with voice translation services. You can also use the app offline. Therefore, if you’re in a remote location without any internet access, WayGo can be your potential lifesaver.

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