Criminal Defense Lawyer

What Should You Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you’ve been charged for felony or misdemeanor, you need a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Every day counts when you are accused in a criminal case. Not only is it emotionally and financially stressful for you and your family, but it can hamper your life and career.

A lot of hardships can arise from a criminal charge. To prevent the situation from worsening, you need to hire a good criminal defense lawyer who would defend your rights and help you get free from the charges. Consider the below-mentioned qualities when hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Specialized in Criminal Law

Usually, any lawyer with a law license can technically take up any case. These lawyers work in the area of general practice. But, it’s better to go for a lawyer who is specialized in criminal law. You really wouldn’t want to take any chances when your life, reputation, and job are at stake. Look for a lawyer who is primarily focused on practicing criminal law.

Experience in Handling Cases Like Yours

An experienced lawyer who has been through several criminal cases will know what kind of arguments work best in a particular case. As they have been there for some time, they will be familiar with the courtroom. 

So, make sure you ask your lawyer how much experience they have in handling criminal cases. They should also have a high success rate in getting favorable outcomes, even in trickiest cases.

Fees and Hidden Costs

This is a crucial factor in deciding a criminal defense lawyer. You might already be in a challenging financial situation, and lawyer fees will surely be an added burden. Make sure you take quotes from different reputed firms to choose someone that fits your budget.

It’s best to go for a lawyer who works on a fixed fee. Even note that a high fee doesn’t guarantee you’ll get success and vice versa. Focus on a legal representation that works best for your interests, charging you a reasonable fee.

24/7 Accessibility

The lawyer should have a 24/7 communication channel in place so that you can get a quick response in case you get arrested, called by the police, or face any other situation. The lawyer should give you their phone number to communicate with them directly. Besides, they should be able to work with your schedule and plan meetings during weekends or off.

Make sure you meet the criminal defense lawyer in person before finalizing. This will help you know if you are comfortable with them or not. A criminal process can be stressful, and you need someone who is a good listener and gives you an accurate analysis of your case.

During the meeting, you can discuss your case, background, charges, and other things. Also, this is the best time to ask any questions you have in your mind.

If you have approached any law firm, then you should ask who would be handling your case. You should ensure that the attorney you have talked to or finalized is the one handling your case and not someone else.

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