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Questions Your Car Accident Lawyer May Ask After Your Crash

Car accidents are more common than one thinks. You or your loved one may get hurt because of someone else’s fault or negligence. This injury can be a burden, physically, mentally, and financially. It is possible that in the accident, your car gets damaged. The obvious first step would be to seek medical help.

Once you make sure you and your fellow passengers are all right, it is advisable to hire a car accident lawyer. As a professional expert, they can help you to a great extent with your case. Understanding the laws and getting the compensation you deserve can be challenging for any person, so leaving this work to a professional would be the best idea.

Before proceeding with the case, they may ask you some questions to understand the situation better.

Questions Your Lawyer May Ask

Details of the Accident

The lawyers need to understand the scenario in order to handle the case in the best way possible. Details of the accident, such as the time, place, how it happened, etc., will be asked. They may even insist that you recall and describe the entire incident, including every minute detail, which could help make your case stronger.

If possible, you should cooperate and draw the whole picture verbally in front of them. It is also crucial to tell your lawyer about the steps you took after the accident so that they can cover any faults.

About the Defendant

Your lawyer will also need to know about the defendant or their vehicle. They will want to know details such as the defendant’s response after the accident and whether or not they tried to contact you in any way after the accident. Questions like these will help the lawyer determine the type of arguments to prepare for the case.

Medical Help and Injuries

The car accident lawyer will want to how and where you got the medical help. They will need specific details to get clearance. For insurance purposes and deserved compensation, your lawyer will need the complete list of injuries. Please make sure you tell them about every separate part and every condition. Leaving even one minor detail may prove costly.

If you or your Doctor feel that there are medical issues that will not heal and may become permanent, you need to inform your lawyer about the intensity of the damage.

Police Report

The lawyer will ask you about any police reports filed at the time of the accident. If yes, who filed it, what does it say, what do the witness statements say, etc., are the questions you can expect.

For the troubles caused to you, it is reasonable that you get justice and compensation. But it is only possible if you help your car accident lawyer by cooperating and answering all of their questions honestly. Understandably, these accidents may cause trauma, and you may not be in the right mindset. However, keep in mind that a professional can help you with your case. So, hire someone whom you can trust and who fully understands your needs and demands so they can represent you properly in legal proceedings.

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