Most attendees at Oktoberfest dress in traditional Bavarian clothing, with the men donning lederhosen and the women donning dirndls. Usually, a dirndl comprises three pieces: an apron, a white top, and a skirt. All three parts of a dirndl come together when you buy one.

At Oktoberfest, how you tie your apron reflects your marital status. If you tie it on the left side, you are a bachelor. If you knot it correctly, it indicates that you have a partner. In front? A virgin? (Although it appears to be a myth, everyone during Oktoberfest cites it).

What The Ladies Wear For Oktoberfest

There are many sites to get a dirndl, and it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend—buying your dirndl a few weeks before Oktoberfest is a good idea. This will enable you to make modifications or send the item back for a different size.

If your dirndl doesn’t come with a blouse, you’ll have to get one. Sweetheart, lace, frills, and off-the-shoulder are a few attractive alternatives. You might want to use a bra shaper to get the most cleavage possible.

Note that wearing a short dirndl is frowned upon; make sure it isn’t too short. It ought to end just above the knee at its shortest.

Ladies’ Oktoberfest Footwear

Comfortable, close-toed footwear, such as booties, are ideal for Oktoberfest. There will be lots of walking involved. For many ladies, sneakers or booties are the perfect footwear choices when wearing a dirndl, and they keep your feet warm and have a lovely appearance.

While sporting these adorable shoes, your feet will remain cozy and free of glass. For instance, waterproof ankle boots are protective, so it won’t matter if you spill beer on them. It is never advisable to wear sandals or flip-flops as there may be liquid or glass pieces on the ground.

What The Guys Wear for Oktoberfest

Guys can have just as much pleasure choosing their Oktoberfest costumes as the girls do. At Oktoberfest, most men wear lederhosen (leather shorts that finish at the knee and are fastened with suspenders). You might not get an undershirt with your lederhosen, but a white button-down shirt will do just fine, or you can get a typical checkered shirt.

Men may purchase costumes for Oktoberfest online, just like women can. Most men opt for classic lederhosen shoes when deciding which shoes to wear, and they merely finish off the ensemble. Men typically don knee-high lederhosen socks and lederhosen shoes.

Accessories for Oktoberfest

Consider completing your look with one or two accessories inspired by Oktoberfest.

  • Many women at Oktoberfest will be sporting the traditional Bavarian choker necklace.
  • It is acceptable to wear a necklace or pair of earrings with a pretzel theme.
  • Also, choose an understated or elaborate flower crown.
  • Sunglasses – A few of the beer tents offer outside seating.
  • A compact crossbody bag; at Oktoberfest, bags must hold no more than three liters to be allowed entry to the fairgrounds. Bring a tiny crossbody bag to keep your money, sunglasses, and any other items you might need.

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