5 Different Ways You Can Drape Your Sarees and Look Stunning

Beautiful women around our nation adore sarees and can never resist the allure of a saree. These sarees’ six yards of exquisite magnificence cannot be disputed. Saree draping techniques can transform an ensemble from 0 to 100. Draping a saree is an art form. However, we can all agree that wearing a saree with a single pleat or a loose, one-handed pallu is monotonous.

Consider several ways to drape your saree to make it fashionable by best indian fashion designer. You could steal the show if you did it. Although it seems simple, draping a saree creatively is much more complex than it looks. However, once you try this art, you’ll never want to return to the old way of draping a saree. Read about those different ways to drape your saree and look stunningly clad in them.

The front Pallu-Style Saree

Ditch the traditional style of draping a saree with a pallu backwards. Try taking it in front from behind. Various Bollywood stars like Jhanvi Kapoor have donned this style, and we believe she just slayed wearing it in this unique style. You can wear the front pallu festival sarees in chiffon, georgette, and silk fabrics.

 The Cape-Style Saree

Enough of superheroes with a cape. With a saree, even you become the superwoman wearing a fine cape. Get or design a complementing but statement cape with delicate borders and wear it over your regular pleated saree. The outcome would be elegant sarees which are also great for parties and weddings.

 Infinity Type of Drape

This is a cute replacement for the conventional saree drape. Although it can seem complex to make, this drape is relatively simple. It’s called “infinity drape” since it’s impossible to discern where the saree begins and ends. For this drape, wrap your sari counterclockwise. Pleat the pallu and throw it with your right shoulder from behind. Start making pleats, but leave the last few a little loose to get that cowl close to the waist. Next, round your waist with the tip of your pallu and tuck it from behind. This infinity pallu tucking can look fabulous on linen fabrics, perfect for formal and semi-formal events as festival sarees.

 The Belted Drape

The easiest way to improve your saree look is to put on a belt and wrap it around your waist. Depending on the colour and design of your saree, you can use a beige or brown leather belt or a distinctive accessory. Replace your heels with traditional boots or sneakers for a more outré appearance. This easy-peasy draping method can make a plain saree look ultra-modern and contemporary styled in minutes.

 Pant Draped Saree

The traditional petticoat and saree are just an old-school style of draping and carrying it. Want to look a bit more fashionable and comfortable in your festival sarees? Swap your petticoats with regular pants, denim, palazzos, or straight ones, and drape your saree over them. This is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your saree game and even give it a modern touch. For added effect, swap the regular blouse with a crop top and get a more modern look. Wear it to dates, informal parties, and wedding or sangeet functions.

A saree is an outfit that gives your curves the right amount of emphasis and enhances your style to the best level, no matter how you wear it. When there are such unique and classy ways to drape your favourite pieces of fabric, why wear them in a typical way? Try these tricks and tell us how you change your style game with a saree!

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