What Size Generator Do You Need for Outdoor Event?

Weddings, concerts, and sporting events are among the outdoor events that you can hold outdoors. However, if you want to make your members comfortable, you need to have them served with power always.

For that reason, a generator is a basic need for this event. However, you may wonder about the right size generator that will keep you powered always. This article will focus on what you should know before deciding on the right size generator for your outdoor event. Keep posted and get enlightened herein.

Guide to Generator Rental for weddings & Other Events

Business Events:

One of the possible events that you will need a generator for is the business events. Such events include award presentation events, conferences, team building, and many more. Electronic appliances like air conditioners, lighting, and microphones require a generator because they can’t work without power.

Concerts, Festivals & Outdoor Activities

Music enthusiasts need to organize concerts, festivals, or other related outdoor activities, and these events need power. A generator becomes necessary because it is trustworthy when it comes to providing power.


You cannot hold a special sporting event that does not include a generator because it’s important in such events. Horse racing or even football games need a generator that will assist the referees to make a decision.

Commentators are part of the people that assist fans to get the real thing in the field. By saying out the players’ names, they get motivated to play an enticing football that the fans also enjoy.

Weddings & Receptions

A lot of people prefer to hold weddings and receptions outdoors. That means that they cannot operate if there is not sufficient power to sustain such events. These events equally need things like lighting, a microphone, some music systems, and all of them need the power to operate.

Avoid a Loss of Power at Your Net outdoor Event

Sometimes you can be selected to organize a serious event. You need to know that there are very many things that you need to do to attract a large crowd. A successful event will need a full capacity of attendees so that you can get it moving.

What you should avoid at most is the possibility of any power issue and that is why you need a generator to offer power services with no stress. Generators are most preferred because they are easy to operate and are generally user-friendly.

The size you need and the fuel amount.

Here is the most crucial part that you must do to get the best out of your generator. You need to make a vital selection decision for the appropriate size generator. You will realize a diesel generator is essential because it is dependable and more user-friendly.

Starting your diesel generator requires you to just add the right amount of oil in regard

Should remember to change it after every 20 hours of use continuously.

Use the manufacturer’s manual to the specified fuel that corresponds with the model of your generator. If you overfill your generator’s fuel tank, you may clog the air filter systems or any other related problems.

Guide to Help You Decide the Right Size Generator

First of all, you need to have a list of all the essentials that need power when the event is on. When you have this information, you now need to add to get the total number of watts that your items need to run simultaneously.

Every item requires a different wattage to start. Ensure you add to get the number of watts. Consequently, you can get a generator worksheet because here you can get a valid number of watts that a specific item has.

Clean Running Generators to Lease, Rent, or Buy for Your Events

What is Paramount is that you should understand the wattage that your appliances may need. Professionals should guide you before you decide on the right size generator that is capable of supporting your wattage. Again you will need to consult an expert to guide you for a safe installation together with the appropriate operation of your generator suit.

Consequently, you can also consult for safety and proper use of your generator because it is imperative that you also keep safe always.

Generator Types to Consider

There are three types of generators which are worthy considering. We have a home standby, a large inverter, and portable ones. With these types of generators, you are sure that they can power the whole household.

These generators can directly connect to the home’s circuit breaker panel. The direct connection allows you to run your appliances and have control over them. Hardwired appliances like the central heat or air conditioner and electric ranges. Ensure you give a professional electrician to do the job.

Safety First

It is recommended that you buy portable generators that have with them a sensor that triggers an automatic shutoff. Sometimes CO may build up to detrimental levels when operating in a closed area. The same idea is applied to the inverter models although it’s slower.

This guide is important for you when operating a generator that is about 20 meters from home. The exhaust should be placed away from any windows, AC units, and other home structures.


We have got an idea about what size generator you need for your outdoor event. You need to take note that you have known the wattage that your appliances need to run at the same time. This information is Paramount because it enables you to decide the right size generator that will keep your event powered.

Ensure you don’t fail the whole group because of a power outage by putting the generator ready to support your event. Many inconveniences are brought about by power outages like food spoiling, and frozen pipes.


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