Increasing Traffic to a Blog

How to Increasing Traffic to a Blog?

When you write a blog, you want that it should reach to the maximum number of people. We try to find ways about how to increasing traffic to a blog? Many times, we get frustrated with trying to attract readership. We want to create some magic for readers, so they come to us automatically. But it takes some work to create an audience. 

Thought about how to increasing traffic to a blog is sometimes gives us frustration and we want to give up. But when you start getting benefits, you understand that your blog can create a beneficial impact on your business by attracting traffic to your site. Then your blog can make impression on your prospects and your clients as well. 

Here we are sharing some strategies about how to increasing traffic to a blog. 

Promote on social media 

If you want to know that how to increasing traffic to a blog then you should share your new blog post on your social media networks also. It will make your work easy to promote your blog. You can share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. They can be your top traffic sources to share great content. 

Give catchy titles

The titles must be catchy for your blog post. Because your blog title will help readers to decide, they should read it or not. Hence, how to increasing traffic to the blog, you have to choose great titles for your blog. The same thing also goes with us, when we see any post on social sites and they are looking us readable then we click on that to read the full article. When you do the same thing, the traffic of readership will increase. Probably 8 out of 10 people will click on your blog to read it if you get the headline right or catchy. 

Write regularly

When you keep updating your blog, the more traffic it will create. Because search engines give preference to those websites which provide fresh content. Therefore, if you want to know how to increasing traffic, you have to post your blogs frequently on your site. 

Can attach photos

Photos in blog posts can boost the traffic of readership. Because photos can make your post more visually appealing. You can also add keywords in the alt image tag on the photos. So, it will boost search engine optimization for your site. But do not forget to use royalty-free images from a site like or You cannot use any random pics from any sites. Otherwise, you have to face the risk of violating copyright laws. 

Understand your audience

Try to figure out, what does your audience wants to read or wants to know? If you solve this then a good grip you will make on your audience. When you provide good information through your blog, they will like to read that. And that information will increase the traffic towards your blog. Have a look at how users typically travel through your site. Then optimize those popular topics.

Try to create evergreen content for your blog

When you create evergreen content for your blog then it will stay forever on the web. Evergreen topics will stay always relevant. Like, a post about the greatest classical songs will stay to be relevant over the years, instead of this year’s latest song. So, make your content evergreen.

Make a good relationship with other bloggers

If you want to search, how to increasing traffic to blogs then establish a good relationship with other bloggers in your niche. For that, you can comment on other’s blogs and can be active in many communities. You can also tag them in your blog or tweet to let them inform. By this, there are more chances that they can also retweet about and can also share a post. When you get more shares than more traffic you will get automatically for your blogs.

Optimize for speed 

Nobody wants to wait for your blog to load. If your website won’t be fast enough, the audience will hit the back button and will move on to the next. Hence, you need to check your site’s speed. Google’s page speed insight tools will help you to score your site’s speed. And, also will provide tips on what you can do to give a kick start to your site.

Follow these tips to increasing traffic to your blogs. These ideas will give you good traffic to your blogs. 

Keep writing!! 

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