What to Consider While Choosing Covers For Your Outdoor Furniture

Who doesn’t love to enjoy the summer season when the sun is shining bright and the air is filled with the chirping of birds? Oh, a heavenly bliss! Fast forward the time in your mind by a month or so. Surely the image of the droppings of the birds that once seemed lovely has created a total mess of the furniture or wet leaves have dampened your favorite outdoor spot- will flash in your mind.  And yes, not to ignore the dust that will cover every exposed inch of furniture. These thoughts might haunt you but there’s an easy way out. We can show you how to take care of these beautiful belongings of yours to give them a long and stylish life.

The best way is to invest in buying some good covers for them. Any good cover will protect them from damage caused by the UV rays of the sun, the harsh wind, or rainfall. But you would be wondering how to pick the best one out of the different types of covers available in the market. For doing so, you need to pay heed to certain factors.

Dimension of the Furniture

The covers meant for the outdoor furniture either is made to fit individual pieces or the whole set. Covers that will accommodate them properly will give the maximum protection from damages. Your patio furniture may comprise chairs, sofas, tables, or grills. You can have an in-detailed guide on how to measure the dimensions of the furniture here to find the exact cover.

The right fabric

Outdoor furniture covers are made with such materials that are not only water-resistant but also are resistant to stains to a great extent. So, materials like polyester or vinyl are mostly used and sometimes both are blended. Polyester is good against drizzles but cannot keep away heavy rain or snowmelt to seep in. Vinyl-made covers on the other hand block rainfall completely and last longer than others. Plastic covers are the cheapest options but mostly they fail to perform for a long time. Make sure that they have mesh vents to allow the easy flow to air that can prevent the molds and mildews to cause harm to your furniture.

The Type of Climate You Live in

If you live in a region that experiences heavy snowfall during the winter months, then opt for full waterproof covers. We usually tend to buy aluminum or wrought iron outdoor furniture but if by chance water enters any cracks or holes in them, then the furniture will be damaged from inside. Wrought iron when subjected to such weather conditions rusts easily.

In humid climates, molds and mildews can be a serious threat. Covers having proper aeration facility should be used for covering the furniture. If you have cushions, then it’s better to keep them inside when not in use.    

In a warm dry climate, it’s the sun’s harsh rays that give trouble. The more the outdoor furniture is exposed to such extreme conditions, the UV rays are sure to lead to the breakdown of the fabric of the cover.


There are other factors that you might be looking for in the covers like proper straps and cord attachments, padded handles, airbags, or doubly stitched edges. Whatever your requirement may be cross-check them thoroughly before placing the order.

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