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What To Do to Add an Extension to Your Existing House

If you feel like your house has become smaller and it is not accommodating your stuff or people, adding an extension can be a good idea instead of buying a new house. Adapting the house for your needs is the best and most-effective way to ensure you continue living in the house. However, extending the house like adding another floor or a room cannot be easy. You will need to demolish, uncover some places, and even remove the entire roof. Therefore, you require proper preparation to ensure you get what you want and add value to your home. With that said, the following are vital things you should do first when you consider adding another part to your house.

Know Where You Want the Addition

Before everything else, you need to be clear about where you want to add the room and why. Look at the current situation in the house and see what could make the difference. Make sure to involve the entire family in this decision. While at it, consider the following things.

Home exterior. If you have had a problem with the home exterior before, this might be time to upgrade it to your liking. Exteriors include landscaping, the roof, walls, and others. Take this chance to add or remove what you want.

Home interior. The addition should blend in with the rest of the house. Therefore, when choosing a design, keep in mind your home interior, including the floor.

Design ideas. Discuss ideas with your family to know the best one that will suit your need. For example, you may want to add a second floor to the house or another room on the side.

Repairs. You should also take this opportunity to repair any existing issues in the house.


Adding another section to your hose, say a second floor, is not an easy job. You will require the input of several professionals like architects and interior designers. Visit https://www.extensionplansuk.co.uk/ to get help with online drawings representing the addition’s design. The company evaluates the house’s current design and comes up with the perfect additional design. Make sure the architect or interior designer listens to you and can point out issues.

Create a Budget

Adding another structure to your building is not a cheap project. There will be a lot to be done before you enjoy the house. Therefore, ask the contractor for an estimate to know how much money you will need. You should also have a plan where you will get the money. A home equity loan can be a perfect way of funding the project.

Hire Contractors

After all the job of planning and designing, it is time to build. You ought to get the best contractor to make the project a success. It can be a good idea to go for the same company that built the existing house. It will be easy to bring out something great. Make sure the contractor has ample experience in similar projects before.


These are four vital things you must do first if you have decided to add an extension to your existing house. Know where you want the addition to be, create a budget and hire designers. Additionally, get the best building contractor in the local to complete the job.

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