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What to Get Your Co-Workers When You Return to the Office

Whether your employer is reverting back to the traditional office workplace or implementing some hybrid model for more flexible working terms, most are going to enjoy being able to speak with their coworkers once again.

For some, this may even be a celebratory occasion where they wish to exchange gifts and welcome others back. Are you interested in finding the perfect gift for your coworkers? If so, here are a few great recommendations on what to get your coworkers when you return to the office.

Get them something that they can use during their break, like a gaming headset.

Workplace culture is changing, and we now recognize that taking breaks is beneficial to both company performance and employee health and well-being. Therefore, getting your coworkers something that they can use during their break time and outside the office is an excellent gift. If you know some gamers around the office, consider getting them something they need like a new headset.

Although they may not be able to use their microphone in-office, they can still benefit from having a helpful pair of headphones with Bluetooth that they can use when they’re playing a computer game or listening to music.

You can find the perfect wireless headset by doing a quick Google search for “Best gaming headset 2021“. Take a look at features of the best gaming headsets like battery life, sound quality, whether or not it offers earcups that make for a comfortable fit (and a great surround sound experience), and build quality.

You can go above and beyond by making sure that the headphones are a great fit for your coworkers’ favorite console as well, whether that’s a PS4 or PS5 or even an Xbox Series X. Your teammates will definitely thank you for an awesome gift like this!

Help them cultivate greater peace and reduce stress with their favorite plants.

The office can sometimes feel very drab and removed from the outside world, even when we’ve broken away and taken some time to work from home. Fortunately, there’s a fix to that. You can make your coworkers feel in tune with nature by purchasing them a plant gift. Research shows that houseplants can help you reduce stress and boost positivity, which is often much-needed in any work environment.

When you’re looking for plants as gifts, it’s important to look for plants that will thrive in their surroundings. For example, succulents are almost always a great gift because they require very little maintenance and can thrive without a ton of water. Of course, there are other indoor plants that can thrive in almost any environment, like the Spider plant. No matter what your coworker loves, you’re sure to find live plants that can survive in the office and meet your coworkers’ unique tastes.

Find products that help your coworkers stay more organized.

Returning to the office often means more paperwork, more files that you need to have on hand, and more physical office items to deal with. The switch from a remote environment can be difficult to get used to. You can make your coworkers’ transition easier by looking for office products like files and folders, technology like flash drives or external hard drives, or even portable scanners to help your teammates stay on top of their work.

The return to the office means finally being able to interact face-to-face with people that you may not have seen in the past year. If you want to celebrate this moment with a gift of your appreciation to your coworkers, dive into the recommendations above to gain some inspiration and ideas for what to get your teammates!

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