Top 5 Most Exciting Tournaments in the History of Valorant

Similar to other online multiplayer games, such as Fortnite, CS GO, and PUBG, every player can play Valorant for free. Currently, this game is available on Windows PC. Reports suggest that players can play this game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. Originally, this game was announced in 2019 in the form of Project A. Later, Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, announced it in the form of Valorant. Valorant is a kind of post-postmodern game that combines components of CS GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Valvano is a 5v5 multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) game where one team defends whereas another one attacks. The chief game modes of this game, Destroy and Search, have huge similarities with CS GO. The goal of the attacking team is planting a bomb and detonating it, whereas the defending team attempts to avert that. No matter whether or not the spike gets planted, when a squad gets wiped out, the opposing squad emerges as the winner. 

The number of agents and maps

Valorant, in the form of a tactical shooter game, does not lack characters and battlegrounds; hence, players are spoilt for a choice. This game has four maps, namely Bind, Split, Ascent, and Haven. Every map has an exclusive challenging layout and points of interest. Presently, Riot hasn’t announced the protocol to include new agents, and based on its planning; it can let players get new agents in the form of an upgrade. 

The mission of all the maps in Valorant tends to be the same, and it makes it easier for players to find their purpose regardless of where they are playing. Every player will get lots of opportunities where they can decide whether or not they will deactivate the explosives of their enemies or attack them. 

The exciting Tournaments

Since its inception, there have been some exciting and memorable tournaments in Valorant. These tournaments are worth reviewing, and players will find clips of thrilling plays on a game streaming platform:

The Underdogs

One of the Valorant series is the Underdogs that is formed by a French WebTV called O’Gaming TV. In November 2020, the tournament began, and during this game, Riot Games made an announcement of the eSports tournament of the game. One of the memorable events that turned this tournament different was when Mathieu “ZywOoHerbaut” scored an ace in a match played against ROG ESPORTS in 2021.

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut happened to be a CS GO player and became a part of the L’INSTITUT Valorant team. And seeing him delivering headshots in the series of underdogs turned the tournament into one of the finest in the history of Valorant.


The CLG, or Counter Logic Gaming Blitz Cup, is another worthy online tournament of the Valorant series that is located in North America. This online series has many teams, such as Gen.G. Esports, Immortals, T1 Academy, and TSM. They propose some epic matches in the tournaments of Valorant. The rivalry between Immortals and TSM keeps the tournament thrilling. Hence, all their matches record enticing viewership. A specific match between Immortals and TSM saw Sabroza proposing an ace right in the initial round only. Here, he killed four enemies on a ramp immediately. Subrosa is regarded as one of the highly interesting talents that players can watch in a tournament, and it becomes obvious from his expanding fanbase.

WePlay Rocket League Invitational

WePlay Esports arranged a competition for the teams of League of Legends all across Europe, and this competition saw the participation of many teams that, include Team Vitality, Team BSD, Dignitas, Guild Esports, Karmine Corp, and some others. This game gives away prizes for the first to eighth positions of the invited teams. Hence, players find the finest displays of mastery and skills from remarkable players who take part in the competition.

NSG X Renegades Invitational

This is an online series that has an impressive pool prize of $10,000. This tournament witnesses the contests of some big teams that strive to proclaim dominance over other teams. The forecasts on the matches of Valorant in this tournament are pretty tricky as some teams, such as Cloud 9, FaZe Clan, T1, Andbox, Gen.G Esports, and Immortals, participate in the competition. Additionally, players also get a chance to see some talents, such as IMMORTALS’ ShoT UP, as they deliver fast kills with precise headshots.

Valorant Champions

Valorant Champions is the place where the finest come forward to battle. It has a pool prize of $100,000. Valorant Champions features the finest teams that emerge from every circuit point that possesses highly talented players. Hence, players get to see magnificent clutches as well as utilization of power-ups right from the champions. 

While playing, Valorant players prefer to use Valorant hacks that get them fast skills via its smooth aiming, distance checks, and penetration. Thus, players can concentrate on just any part of player models and land their shots there to ensure optimal damage.

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