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What to Know About Solar Panels in Florida

As a homeowner, how sustainable is your energy source?

Solar energy is the newest and hottest source of power in the US and around the world. Today, solar power accounts for 58% of the new electricity-generating volume in the United States. Florida is one of the top ten states for solar power in installed capacity.

If you want to shift to sustainable energy, read our guide on using solar panels in Florida.

What Is Solar Energy and How Does It Work?

Let’s talk about how solar power systems work. The machines we use to collect solar energy convert it into thermal or electrical energy.

Like other renewable energy types, solar energy comes from the Earth’s natural resources. Compared to fossil fuels, solar energy is an infinite source of power.

Understanding the Costs of Solar Panels in Florida

As a homeowner, a solar panel system is a great alternative to on-grid electricity. In the long run, it can help save a lot of money. The problem with solar energy is the high initial costs of installing a solar panel system.

Keep in mind, the average American family spends $2,060 a year on utility bills. While cheaper than their price five years ago, a solar panel system is still quite expensive. You must also consider indirect costs like improving your roofing.

The good thing about using solar power today is getting a lot of incentives from the government.

What Are the Solar Incentives for Florida Homeowners?

Why should you become a solar power user in Florida? First, you’ll receive solar rebates. Second, the government will pay you if you can generate more power than your usage.

Expect many other advantages of becoming a solar energy user. For example, maintenance is easier and cheaper because solar power panels are common in Florida. If your area gets a lot of sunlight exposure, use it to lessen your typical electricity bill.

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Things to Consider When Using Solar Energy

Instead of buying solar panels, consider leasing or renting them. However, it makes more sense to own solar panels. As mentioned above, the average solar panel system today is a lot cheaper.

If you opt for a roof-based solar panel system, make sure the roof is new or stable. Inspect your roof before assuming it’s fit for a solar panel system. Otherwise, it may cave in and cost you twice as much in roof repairs.

Become a Solar Panel User Today

We hope you enjoyed reading about solar energy, how to use it right, and how to become a respectable user. Regardless, you now have a deeper understanding of how to use solar panels in Florida.

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