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Promotional Items That Can Promote Your Business

If you want your business to succeed, you need to be able to market yourself well. A great way to do this is with promotional items.

Best Promotional Items

Custom Paper Bags: For those who are actively buying your products, why not give them the option to stash their new items in a paper bag with your logo on it?

Being able to offer your customers custom paper bags to carry away their purchases shows that you care about their comfort.

You want them to feel excited and satisfied with their new item, not worrying about how to open doors and such because their hands are full. Paper bags also end up being better for the environment than plastic bags due to be recycled more often as well as being biodegradable.

Hand Sanitizer Bottles

In today’s day and age, protecting oneself from germs is a must! Show how your business cares for its customers by offering mini bottles of hand sanitizer so they can keep germs at bay while out and about or at home.

Quickly becoming a popular item in 2020, this choice allows customers to have a very necessary commodity that will remind them that your business puts its customers first.


Everyone at some point in their life is in need of a writing utensil and paper. You can solve half of that problem by promoting your business using ink pens! This marketing staple has proven to be effective in getting the word out there about your business.

With each written message made, the recipient of the said pen will be reminded of your company’s willingness to help them jot down important information.


One fashion accessory very few could do without is the keychain. A brightly colored or uniquely shaped one helps those keys stand out when their owner is frantically searching for them in the couch cushions or wherever they may be hiding!

Many custom keychains can include novel tools, such as mini flashlights or bottle openers. You can show how handy your business can be every time a potential customer handles their keys.


Stickers are enjoyed by many! There are many, young and old alike, who love to collect bright, unique stickers for their personal enjoyment.

Having stickers to promote your business is a win-win because you can hand them out to collectors or stick them on other items to help get your company’s name out there! However you feel about them, it’s easy to see why so many are stuck on this versatile marketing tool!


Whatever the weather, let your business promote itself while keeping someone’s favorite canned beverage cool with a Koozie. These drink sheaths can come in many colors to help your company’s information stand out in the crowd!

Another advertising staple, nothing shows that you are in for the long haul like properly keeping drinks cool with a unique Koozie.

Show what your business can do with promotional items!

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