Your Guide to Touring San Francisco

The State of California is well-known for Hollywood and celebrities, being a melting pot of Asian, Hispanic, and Native American culture. Let us not forget a popular hub for tanning and relaxing at the beautiful California Beaches.

It also presents a basket of breathtaking locales like San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, Fremont, and others.

But without a doubt, the city of San Francisco has a certain air about itself. It resonates with progressiveness and culture. The town was an important hub of the 60’s counterculture, which is reflected in its inhabitant’s daily life.

The idea of traveling to San Francisco excites us, and we bet it excites you too; application for us esta Visa is always open for aspiring travelers.

Best places to visit only in San Francisco

  • Golden Gate Bridge

    You knew the Golden Gate Bridge would be our first suggestion for you on the list, and rightly so. The Golden Gate is actually a strait that stretches the length of 1-mile and connects the SF Bay with the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the Golden Gate Bridge is actually is a suspension bridge, completed in 1937, that spans the strait’s length. Considered a modern wonder of the world and the most photographed bridge in the world, it provides breathtaking views and should be the first on your list, too, after your ESTA application gets processed and passed.
  • Alcatraz Island

    Located 1.25 miles offshore from San Francisco, the island is notorious for being the maximum-security prison site that closed off permanently in 1963. A ferry ride to the island takes just 15 minutes from the close by Pier 33. Now a popular destination and historical site in California and the USA, a visit to Alcatraz Island will be an excellent story for you to tell your friends back home. And if you want to share the fun, then how about taking your friend along with you? ESTA Visa is easy to apply for both you and your friend.
  • Lombard Street

    Are you planning for a 3-month long trip across the US? Or maybe just the state of California? You need to look to get anESTAvisa. That means you can visit LA, San Diego, maybe even Vegas, and turn back to San Francisco to get mesmerized by the incredible Lombard Street, known for its eight hairpin turns and very crooked streets. This part of San Francisco is a top-rated attraction for its architecture and as a cultural phenomenon.

Visit restaurants with a view of Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Scoma’s of Sausalito

    Marvellously built on the San Francisco Bay Area, adjacent to the Bridgeway part of the town, Scoma’s is a place you should visit. Why? If you want to savour the taste of excellently cooked fish, a fine mojito, and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, that will turn your evening into a once in a lifetime moment.
  2. Waterbar SF

    Called the Bay Area’s finest seafood restaurant and leisure point after the Golden Gate Bridge; if having a luxury cuisine at your table is something you wish for, then Waterbar is your go-to restaurant. After obtaining their ESTA Visas, many people head to this restaurant their first night in the city. Why? They cannot pass up on the moonlit Bridge scene and some good seafood.
  3. Greens

    Are you not meat or a fish person? No problem, we got you covered; Greens is a restaurant located in the Marina Boulevard area of San Francisco that brought awareness to Vegan culture and vegetarianism in the Hippie town. Offering the Marina and the Golden Gate Bridge’s attractive views, stroll into Greens, the restaurant, and have a peaceful afternoon to yourself.

Is San Francisco safe?

Yes, San Francisco is largely safe, and beautiful.

You do not have to worry; San Francisco is considered one of the USA’s safest cities, especially for women and solo travelers.

The people are welcoming, the services are trustworthy, and law enforcement is dedicated. Leave your concerns of ‘is San Francisco safe‘ at home, carry your ESTA Visa, your luggage, and explore.


We have covered all the incredible and fun places to be and eat in San Francisco, truly a tourist’s paradise; SF should be your first visit when in California.

Get planning and fill the application form for a ESTA Visa if you are eligible; the procedure is straightforward; the official website’s guidelines will help you further.

After you are done filling the application, check for its status from time to time; usually, it gets passed quickly and is hassle-free.

And after you have received your ESTA Visa, you can travel anywhere in the country for up to 90 days! Isn’t that fun?

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