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10 Important things about placement cells

Here are the top 10 tips we’ve compiled based on the experiences of campus placement and the advice of successful placement officers and senior HRs. Even the God of Cricket needs to simplify. There are many opportunities for students, but it takes proper training to get placed, one of them being placement training for engineering students if you are an engineering aspirants. These tips could be valuable for reputable universities that undertake campus placement often.

1. Placement Officer/Cell

Start with your college’s Placement Officer or Cell. Campus placement is like running a recruitment agency without a recruiter. Placement Cells are vital for campus placement. Placement cell resources are valuable.

2. College profile

Why call this out? Well! Everyone says you should improve your college profile, but how? When it comes to upgrading your college profile, one should look at everything like:

  • A well-designed website
  • Your brochure should be straightforward and professional.
  • Highlight former jobs. If none, project alumni or industry-trained employees.
  • Academic records matter to employers.
  • Encourage scholars and lecturers with good academic and/or industrial credentials.
  • Mention your college honours
  • Websites and brochures should feature college infrastructure.

3. Trainings

We’ve seen several colleges start training earlier than last year. Industry-related training is important. IQ, aptitude, and group discussion are no longer valued. Yes, they’re important, but more companies are looking at how well your kids are prepared to work. Training should focus on real-world problems and industrial needs.

4. Networking

Networking builds trust. Wouldn’t a company’s HR prefer a college recommended by someone they trust? Small colleges with minimal finances rely on networking and referrals instead of expensive employment agencies and classified ads. Even if you can afford marketing, nothing beats a strong network of allies.

5. Professionalism

Professionalism makes a large and lasting impression. Most company HRs rank this recommendation highly. It defines a “Code of conduct” so everyone knows the rules.

6. Hospitality

Be “King of Good Times” without booze when Company HR visits. HR should remember the hospitality like a good host. Now that placement cells have them, keep them coming back. HR remembers your college thanks to hospitality. It’s a great way to network.

7. Placement

It’s tempting to hire many students, but you must hire qualified candidates. Don’t send an unprepared student with the credentials. Boards compare “attended vs recruited” numbers. Good colleges are shown. Recruit from surrounding colleges instead of failing students.

8. Business-College Collaboration Platforms

Some of the advantages of using the portal include:

  • Exams with firm questions online
  • Great reporting module
  • Expert-written college interview tips
  • Online tests and simulations
  • Boosting kids’ vocabularies

9. Employment

More employable students? You’re in the top 5%. Every 4 pupils will be hired. Directions? Persistence. Many institutions teach Aptitude, Logical, Group Discussion, Presentation, and Face-to-Face to seniors. Most colleges have them. Employers want more than logic and communication skills.

10. Picking The Best Campus Job

Finally! Choosing the correct Campus Job protects the reputation. If you believe your pupils aren’t suited for a career, it’s wise to say no to campus placement. Companies will value honesty and visit you for a student-friendly job.

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