5 Timeshare Rental Mistakes That Every Owner Should Avoid

Timeshare rental is a commonly-used system that all companies allow. It entails a person having ownership of the timeshare with some other person availing of the benefits and offers of the contract. 

Such a method generally gets used in specific cases. It happens when the timeshare owner cannot handle the immense costs of the timeshare. In such cases, timeshare rentals help generate revenue using the contract itself. However, some timeshare owners make a few mistakes that should get avoided at all costs. Let us discuss five of them in this article.

Exceedingly High Price


Many timeshare owners may set the rental price of their timeshares too high. They may do so intentionally or unintentionally. It can come about because the former remains intent on getting back the amount they spent for the annual maintenance fees. 

However, the charges used for upkeep and building repairs and restorations are generally too high. If the timeshare owners set it as the basis for the rental price, it can exceed the market rate. In such cases, no person would want to rent the timeshare at such a high expense.  

Undesirable Place Listing

Generally, timeshares offer a flexible system. It allows the timeshare owners to change the fixed vacation spot or resort they stay at each year. It becomes beneficial when these people put up the timeshares for sale. In such cases, they can decide where they want the resort to be for the individuals who rent it. 

However, many people may list an undesirable place and associate the timeshare with it. No person generally wants to rent it in those instances. This is a mistake you should be careful of since timeshare foreclosure consequences can be very difficult to deal with if you find yourself stuck in this situation.

Upfront Fee Payment

A timeshare owner generally uses a listing website. They do so for renting their timeshare. The companies that handle these sites may ask for a small charge to get the offer to the interested people. However, they should never ask for an upfront fee to get paid. It is another form of a scam. It is essential to be wary in those cases because it would imply that the company gets to make money whether the timeshare gets rented or not. Additionally, they may say something like “to avoid timeshare rental mistakes, visit here” and take a significant amount of money. But they may not use it for the correct purpose. 

Blind Trust in Salespeople

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Conventionally, salespeople manage the timeshare rental process. They do so once they take it over from the owner. However, they tend to inflate the value of money or other factors that the latter can receive. In other words, they may provide incorrect information. They do so to create unrealistic and unachievable expectations. For that reason, it is essential not to believe what salespeople say blindly. 

Early Payment Expectations

Most timeshare owners expect payment immediately after renting the timeshare. However, in the age of scams and swindling, no person can fully trust the other. Hence, most individuals generally pay after they check-in at the timeshare resort. Thus, the payment may reach late to the timeshare owners.

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