Share Information on Wide Range of Topics

Blogging. It is something that a lot of us have wanted to try at one point.

If you are reading this, you probably imagined it as a personal online journal or a place to share your thoughts with the world. Well, you and a lot of other people. 

There are around 600 million blogs out there today, so there can be a lot of competition. But, this does not have to be a bad thing, as that also means that now is a better time than ever to share information. 

But, with so many blogs out there, you may have questioned what you would even write about? Can you focus on one subject, or would you want to write about everything you can think of? 

Blogs about a wide range of subjects are called lifestyle blogs. There are effective ways to make a lifestyle blog and get some real benefits from it. 

What are those benefits? How do you do it? Here is your guide with some of the biggest pros. 

Connect the Topics

If you want to pursue the idea of writing about a wide variety of topics, then you need to have a plan of attack to make them all come together. They need to fall under a similar umbrella and make readers want to jump from one to the other. 

One example would be a lifestyle blog with a couple of travel articles talking about some places the writer has been. They can go over some of the highlights of New York City and share some pictures. 

But, this can create a lot of possibilities. With New York City, you can use that as a jumping-off point to get into sports and discuss the New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium. You can discuss hotels, talk about the best ones, and even how you can use booking and rewards to your benefit. 

Of course, you can go into the diverse amount of food there too. You can talk about the delicious Italian meal you had and use that to write more food and culinary articles. 

Best of all, if you are a good photographer, you can share the personal photographs that you took in the city. Then, you can not only show people what you saw but also write an article about tips for good photo opportunities or recommending the best camera equipment. 

The overall point is, one blog can connect to five others, kind of like a family tree. A simple recap of your time in New York City can turn into sports interest, hotel interest, rewards points topics, photography articles, food articles, and more. 

Try to find topics you can write about that have an easy connection to several other topics like above. 

Manage Research 

This is an area that not enough bloggers pay attention to. Only a minority of bloggers actually take the time to look into SEO and use the proper keywords to their advantage. 

It could be the difference between your blog showing up on the first page versus the tenth page. Big difference, right? 

You cannot take this lightly with a web blog. If you are one of the lesser people actually taking advantage of this technology, you can put yourself at a competitive advantage. 

This is especially important because, with lifestyle blogs, the SEO side can be challenging. After all, you do not have one specific niche or subject you are known for. Instead, you are relying on pure content and strong impressions from that content. 

There are companies such as in the link below that can help you with this and gain traffic:

The possibilities are endless if you team up with a company that knows what they are doing in this field, especially with the right backlink software. You just have to commit to putting that investment into your blog.

Strong Entrance

When it comes to writing articles, you should always try to make a strong first impression.

A human does not invest in something for too long, especially if they are not intrigued. The average attention span for a human is a mere eight seconds. That is a SHORTER THAN A GOLDFISH! 

As you can see, you do not have a lot of time to waste getting a reader’s attention, so you need to get right to the point with your title and intro. Put an interesting statistic in your intro that will surprise your reader and make them want to find out why that is. 

Perhaps put a question mark in your title, as that can increase your chances of a reader clicking on your article. Most importantly, get to know your audience and get a good idea of their demographic and what specifically they like about you. 

Reeling in your audience, in the beginning, will get them to read the engaging content you have to offer them! 

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to blogging, some believe that there needs to be as much content pushed out as possible to succeed. Admittedly, part of that is true, with daily content bloggers being more successful on average than non-daily bloggers. 

However, when you do a deep dive into this, you realize there are shortcuts taken sometimes. For example, on some blogs, there can just be a 250-500 word article about some breaking news, with not much informative content offered. 

They might release more of those types of articles, but people will figure out the content is not there and will be less likely to come back. 

The truth is, once you start writing over a thousand words in an article, that article is a lot more likely to be successful. People will know you likely have a solid amount of informative content put into such a lengthy article. 

This study is a good example of that argument. It shows you what number of words in an article each outlet had their most successful story on. 

Notice how the New York Times is over 1,000 words, and Fox has less than a quarter of the words in their most viral story. If you think about the reputation of the two outlets, then the math seems to check out here. 

Do not be afraid of getting a little wordy with an article. One with informative content and reliable sources will be rewarded with viewership. 

Contribute Knowledge 

This ties into having credible sources for your work earlier. One of the biggest pros of a lifestyle blog is that you can share information and contribute knowledge to various topics. 

Admittedly, you are more likely to know a deeper amount about a subject you study exclusively. But, is knowing a little bit about everything a bad thing? 

You are giving yourself more access to more people because you are willing to write about topics that may originally be outside of your comfort zone. But, you might still have enough interest in the topic to put some thoughts on it out there. 

For example, using the article about New York City above, people may have originally clicked the article just because they love the city or just love the idea of the city. 

But, maybe they will want to learn more about the Yankees? Maybe they will try to figure out how to get rewards points for a free hotel? Maybe they will use the information from that article to develop a hobby in photography or cooking more of their own meals for fun? 

The point is, your variety of topics could lead to an audience that is more well versed in a more diverse subject matter. Baseball, rewards points, photography, and cooking all have their own groups of fans. They all have their own niches and separate websites and blogs that specialize in just their topic. 

So, it is not only a victory to get people more knowledgeable in a more diverse subject matter, but you also get potential access to multiple audiences instead of just one! 

Go Share Information 

So, you made it to the end, and you have proven that you have the ability to receive information. Now, you must use the tips above to go share information for the world to read. 

But first, read more of our articles and start more discussions with your friends today!

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