Areas of Focus: 7 Types of Liberal Studies to Consider

Around 16 million undergraduate students enroll in college every year. If you want to join in and pursue higher education yourself, then you might be considering the programs available to you.

While many people opt for hard sciences, that might not click with you. Instead, you’re interested in liberal studies!

However, there are so many subjects around that it might be tough to decide which one’s right for you. If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place, as we’re here to discuss some areas that might be ideal for you.

Keep reading for 7 types of liberal studies to consider.

1. English Literature

Did you always love reading in school? Can’t get enough of Shakespeare? Then English literature is an excellent major for you.

In these classes, you’ll delve into great English works throughout history and dissect them. You’ll come out having a firm grasp of our country’s poems, novels, and more. You can then go on to become a teacher or a writer yourself.

Chances are, you’re a native English speaker, so this is why we’ve suggested an English literature major. Otherwise, if you’re interested in other cultures’ works and/or you can speak other languages, feel free to explore other lit options like Japanese or Chinese literature.

2. Sociology

This area of liberal study is great if you find society fascinating and want to learn more about what makes us tick as a whole. You’ll get to learn about how our behaviors and interactions came to be. You’ll also see how these things have changed with economic, religious, and political factors.

After you graduate, you can then contribute to market research or help with social policy formation. You can also find work as an advisor for either the government or nonprofit agencies.

3. Psychology

If you’re more interested in how people tick on an individual level, then you’ll be better suited for psychology. You’ll study the behaviors of humans, as well as what mental health issues they can experience. You’ll learn about effective treatment for these issues, such as talk therapy.

If you want to go on to help people with their issues, you can become a licensed counselor or clinical psychologist. But if want to contribute to science, then you can become a research psychologist instead.

4. Archaeology

Archaeology puts you at the forefront of exciting discoveries, especially if you want to be a traditional archaeologist. You’ll get to work for a museum or university afterward, and you may be sent out to sites to uncover

Other works you can do with an archaeology degree include scientific testing of archaeological sites for energy projects, as well as forensic work for artifacts and human remains.

Do note that to become a professional archaeologist, you’ll need a graduate degree. So you’ll have to continue with higher education after you’ve finished your undergraduate studies.

5. Economics

Perhaps people aren’t really your thing, but finances are. In this case, an economics major can be interesting since you’ll get to study things like business management, law, and public affairs.

What’s great about an economics degree is it has the potential for high pay. It’s one of the easier liberal studies majors to enter the traditional job market with. You can apply to a number of sectors, including nonprofit, corporate, and government organizations.

If you earn a graduate degree, it’s practically the equivalent of a master of business administration, so you’ll have wider opportunities. And if you go on to get a Ph.D., you’ll have the potential to become a consultant in the insurance and legal fields, where the pay is quite handsome.

6. Graphic Design

If you already have a background in art, then you’ll have a much easier time with this major. This liberal arts degree program will teach you how to use software to create professional images. You’ll also learn how to design and produce visual images that are aesthetically pleasing.

With this degree, you can either work as a freelancer or an employee of a company. Businesses of all industries will need graphics for their marketing, so you’ll never be short of opportunities. If you get a graduate degree, you can secure executive positions, which pay well.

7. Human Services

Social work gives you the chance to help those in less fortunate positions, and you can do that with a human services degree. The classes you take will teach you how social structures are created and how people within these structures respond. This means it has a bit of overlap with sociology, so it can be useful to double major here.

In your career, you’ll help connect individuals, families, and groups with valuable resources, such as career training, substance abuse programs, housing, and counseling. While you may be presented with some heavy situations, seeing these people succeed can be highly rewarding.

If none of these liberal study subjects appeal to you, then there are more at that you can explore! There are also good colleges to choose from.

Get Started on Your Liberal Studies Education

As you can see, liberal studies entail so many subjects. From archeology to sociology and psychology, there are plenty of choices for your liberal studies degree.

No matter which major you choose, make sure you also pick a good college. The quality of education can make or break your experience, so do some research before applying to ensure you get the most for what you’re paying for.

You’re going to be a liberal studies major; now what? Keep reading our blog page to find out what to expect from college life and how to prepare.

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