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Features to Check While Buying a RAM Truck Online

Based in the USA, Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the country. The city is densely populated. The average time people in Philadelphia spend commuting with public transit, for example, to and from work, on a weekday is 50 min. Hence, the demand for RAM trucks is always high.

This article will go over the different features you should look at new RAM truck listings in Philadelphia. It includes things like engine type, cab size, and bed length. You can ensure that you’re getting the perfect RAM truck for your needs by knowing what to search for.

1) Check the Engine Type

The main thing a buyer needs to do is check the engine type. There are three different types of engines available in RAM trucks. Gasoline, diesel, and hybrid. Each has its pros and cons.

For example, the diesel engine is potent and can handle a lot of weight. However, it’s not as fuel-efficient as the gasoline engine. A hybrid engine is a good option if you’re looking for better fuel economy. It combines the power of the gasoline engine with the efficiency of the electric motor.

You need to understand which engine is best for you and your needs.

2) Determine the Cab Size

The following essential thing one needs to do is determine the cab size. RAM trucks come in three different cab sizes.

The regular cab is the smallest and can seat up to three people. The quad cab is more extensive and can seat up to six people.

The crew cab is the biggest and can seat up to five people.

You can check new RAM truck listings in Philadelphia to get an idea of what’s available.

3) Consider the Bed Length

Philadelphia is home to a population of 1.58M people. It shows that a truck with good hauling and towing capacity is always desirable for larger families.

The primary job you need to consider is the bed length. The bed length is crucial because it determines how much stuff you can fit in the back of the truck. RAM trucks come in three different bed lengths. The short bed, the standard bed, and the long bed.

The short bed is perfect for people who need a truck for day-to-day use. It’s not as big as the other two bed lengths, but it can still haul much stuff.

The standard bed works for those who need a truck for work or towing purposes. It’s bigger than the short bed and can handle more weight.

4) Compare Prices

Once you know what features you want, it’s time to compare prices. You can use the internet to find the best deals on RAM trucks.

RAM trucks are available in different configurations. You need to find the configuration that fits your needs and budget.

You can also use online tools and reputed websites to get an idea of the average price of a RAM truck in Philadelphia. It will help you negotiate with dealers and get the best possible deal.

5) Test Drive the Truck

Once you’ve found the perfect RAM truck, it’s time to take it for a spin. Test driving the truck is essential because it allows you to experience how it feels on the road.

It gives you a chance to see any issues with the truck. If everything goes well, then you can finalize the deal and drive off in your new truck.

6) Check Warranty

All RAM trucks come with a standard three-year warranty. However, you can upgrade to a more extended warranty if you desire.

Make sure to analyze the terms and conditions of the warranty before signing up. You must be covered in case of any issues with your truck. The warranty will cover:




It’s essential to have a warranty because it gives you peace of mind.

7) Check Insurance Costs

The insurance cost of a RAM truck will depend on various factors.

Diesel trucks are more expensive to insure than gasoline trucks. Hybrid trucks fall somewhere in between. Another factor that determines insurance costs is the bed length. Longer beds are more expensive to insure because they’re considered more dangerous.

The insurance cost of a RAM truck will also depend on the driver’s age and driving history. Make sure to get quotes from different insurance companies before choosing one. It will help you save money in the long run.


If you take the time to check these features, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Ram truck for your needs. With ample research, you can find the truck that’s perfect for your lifestyle and budget.

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