Towing Mirrors

Here’s Why You Should Get Towing Mirrors This Very Moment

Contemplating whether or not you should get towing mirrors? Well, the answer is, you definitely should. Towing mirrors have become a need. Ever since the final destination movie series, we have all been terrified of big trucks and towing trucks (and rightfully so). Ever since 2009, truck-rated accidents have seen a hike of 54%. This is an alarming figure.

Why Do I Need To Get Towing Mirrors?

If you have ever had to hitch a vehicle or extra load behind your vehicle, you will know how hard it is to drive with an additional load. The biggest problem you will face is the visibility issue. The standard rearview mirrors do not have enough power to allow you to see in the far distance or keep an eye on the load attached to your vehicle. Driving with a lot attached is already very difficult. Switching lanes becomes twice as difficult and you need to be twice as careful as you are on a regular day.

Usually, most trailers and loads are much bigger and wider than the vehicle they are attached to. This means the load will be blocking your view of the traffic behind. This is incredibly dangerous and alarming.

A simple solution to this problem is towing mirrors. Towing mirrors provide you with an extended vision of the traffic behind you and the trailer. Moreover, the blind spots you were not able to see get highlighted with the help of towing mirrors. Hence, if you are a tow truck owner, you must get a towing mirror for your truck/vehicle. You can buy extendable towing mirrors online  to get your hands on the best models, and most suitable towing mirrors for your vehicle at the best prices.

Towing Mirrors; An Obligation By Law

Towing mirrors are so important for safety purposes that in numerous states, including the US and Australia, the use of a towing mirror is an obligation when a load or vehicle is hitched to the truck. The law requires that if the load or caravan is bigger than your vehicle, you must attach a towing mirror to your vehicle. This towing mirror must allow the driver to see a 4m wide view of the road from the passenger seat and a 20m view behind the driver’s ocularpoints do the horizon.

If found violating the rules, you can be charged £1,000 per mirror infringement and a 3-point penalty on your driving license. Moreover, if you are found violating the law multiple times, you can be prosecuted by the police with your driving license being terminated.

Benefits Of A Towing Mirror

A set of Towing mirrors is something you will not regret buying. But if you are still not convinced to get towing mirrors, the following reasons will definitely change your point of view.

·  Extends Visibility.

·  Ensures Safety.

·  Is Adjustable.

·  Is detachable.

·  Provides Rear Image Monitoring.·

·  Has a Blind Spot Display System.     


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