How Agrati Has Revolutionized Automotive Fasteners

Agrati opened its doors in 1939 in Italy as a small business, and its rise to the top of the automotive fasteners industry has been steady since. Nowadays, Agrati has a dozen production plants around the world, with a daily output of 40 million pieces. Better still, the company is widely recognized for its sustainable practices, committing in actions aimed at reducing its carbon footprint.

Most of Agrati’s production supplies the automotive industry in the European Union, North America, and Asia. So, if you have a car, there’s a strong chance that it has Agrati fasteners in it. Here’s how Agrati has transformed the automotive fasteners industry.

A Tradition of Excellence

In the early 1940s, Agrati was taking its first steps in the production of bolts and screws, mostly for carpentry. However, an unwavering commitment to innovative solutions and high-quality standards have soon expanded the company’s horizons.

Cutting-edge technologies began to be implemented in the 60s, like a new method for fast cold forging, resulting in significant improvements across Agrati’s line of production and cementing its place as a producer for the growing automotive industry. In 1974, Agrati invested in the creation of its own tooling manufacturer, Attrezzerie Adda. This investment would soon cover the tooling demands of an increasing number of Agrati plants.

Today, Agrati’s creative team develops a staggering 850 new products every year. Such an impressive number results from the company’s continuing investments in technology and innovation. Agrati also handles all the steps of the production process, starting from raw material preparation to different forging and finishing techniques.

Zero Defects

More than 5 million new screws are produced daily across Agrati plants, mostly for Tier 1 and OEM customers. You’ll find Agrati nuts in transmissions, engines, shocks, chassis, and safety components. About 2 million Agrati nuts are produced monthly, with a quality standard of zero defects.

The production of advanced formed parts (AFP) involves Agrati’s signature technology: the cold forging process. There are several applications for AFPs, such as in chassis, body parts, powertrains, comfort and safety components, etc.

Exclusive Solutions

Agrati goes the extra mile to meet client expectations. Thanks to its know-how and creative talent, the company can offer unique solutions for different needs. Agrati patented items combine outstanding performance and convenience with assembled pieces that can speed up a client’s production line. Agrati patented items include items like Panoplast, screws with captive sleeves, and ring collar screws.

Panoplast offers improved resistance against vibration loosening, improves the load ratio, and reduces stress. Screws with captive sleeves are made of low-carbon steel and produced with cold forging. Ring collar screws are assembled with plastic rings. These are an alternative solution for when traditional methods of interference, such as rolled threads, aren’t viable.

Co-Created Solutions

Agrati is more than a world-leading supplier: it is a powerful ally in bringing new ideas to reality. The Co-Design service provides a dedicated team of professionals to handle the design, prototyping, testing, and validation of new products. Agrati can also offer proposal drawings and quality tests for its products made of varied materials, including plastic, steel, and aluminum.

All products go through a metallurgical analysis and are also assessed for fatigue performance, mechanical strength, friction coefficients, chemical composition, corrosion resistance, stiffness, tension, torque, and cleanliness.


Agrati delivers a rare combination of mass production and sustainability. It has multiple ISO certifications, has won a gold medal from EcoVadis (2022), and abides by the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, including environment-friendly policies. Indeed, sustainability is a core value at Agrati.

The company invests in initiatives such as the Agrati University, which provides professional training for new talent, where they can learn from experts and business leaders. The University was created in 2008, offering over 60 courses taught by 50 experienced trainers, fostering the innovative minds of the future.

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