Motorcycles are becoming more popular every day, but one particular motorcycle model is notable for being one of the best motorcycles out there—the T-Rex motorcycle, produced by Campagna in 1988. Typical motorcycles have nothing on the great T-Rex. This is because it attains enviable heights in every aspect of motorcycling.

Switching to the T-Rex has never been a regrettable decision for riders. They are usually amazed at how better the T-Rex is, compared to the regular two-wheeled motorcycle. Its braking, acceleration, engine, and general feel while riding add up to give the rider a thrilling experience.

However, the T-Rex motorcycle is an exotic brand that accounts for its relatively high price. They are about a driving experience that carries the power of speed and being less cautious because it makes you feel like a king on the road.

It’s assumed that finding a T-Rex motorcycle for sale is a bit difficult, but I often wonder how that is. We’ll disclose the features that make it unique and well sort after the cost. We shall also address the issue of difficulty in finding a T-Rex for sale and, of course, tell you where you can acquire one with ease. Let’s get to the task at hand.

Overview of the T-Rex Motorcycle

Campagna motors produced the T-Rex in 1988, which is a 3-wheeled motorcycle. Its 3-wheel design is the most distinctive difference between the T-Rex and regular motorcycles, which possesses just two wheels. It also complements its structure and allows it to perform tasks like accelerating and braking efficiently. 

Why should you go for the T-Rex?

The T-Rex has unique features that distinguish it from conventional motorcycles and makes it one of the world’s top-rated bikes. Here are some of these cool features you stand to benefit when you buy the T-Rex bike.

  • Engine

 The T-Rex boast of a 1,649cc engine, a straight-six transverse-mounted cylinder, indicates the BMW and a 160HP, therefore, making it one of the superfast bikes in the market.

  • Transmission

The T-Rex possesses a driveline of 6-speed manual transmission, which allows the driver to get maximum control over the motorcycle’s power. You can activate it via electronic mechanisms.

  • Design

The T-Rex comes with no doors and a cockpit designed to allow the rider to be comfortable while riding. It also features a passenger seat, which means the T-Rex can accommodate two passengers at a time. 

They are produced in a wide range of magnificent colors ranging from pearl mist to atomic green. The motorcycle’s structural design gives it the look of a fused racing car and motorcycle, which appears cool and unique.

  • Audio System

Regular motorcycle riders have overtime complained about not being able to listen to music while riding. Though certain helmets aid listening to music on a standard motorcycle with a Bluetooth music feature, it just can’t compare to the T Rex’s sound system.

The T-Rex features a fantastic 180 Watt audio system that is Bluetooth, iPhone/iPod, and AUX compatible. Therefore, riders can play their favorite music through quality speakers when riding the T-Rex.

  • Steering

The T-Rex steering wheel is a sports steering that allows for easy maneuvering than the regular steering of motorcycles.

  • Electronic Dashboard

The T-Rex features an electronic dashboard that contains the speedometer, a trip computer, a tachometer, an oil and engine coolant warning lights, the fuel gauge, and the blinker indicators.

  • Safety

The T-Rex comes with triangulated side walls and a front crash zone that helps safeguard the rider. This safety belts that come with an adjustable shoulder strap. It also comes with a safety belt warning light and buzzer that goes off when the rider or passenger forgets to put on the seat belt.

It’s also built with a projector LED headlight for clear vision at night and three electronic modes that adapt to the prevailing weather; rain, road.

  • Cargo

The T-Rex was built with removable and lockable side cases where you can put in different stuff. It also has an additional cargo space under the hood, which also serves as a carriage—an open glove compartment located on the dashboard.

How fast is the T-Rex motorcycle?

The T-Rex motorcycle is quite a speed beast as it can go as fast as 210km/h. It has been said that the T-Rex can cover a quartile mile in just twelve seconds, crazy, right? The motorcycle is so fast that it requires constant attention to keep it from flying off the road.

Cost of acquiring a T-Rex

The T-Rex doesn’t come cheap at all, though the price varies per model. A new T-Rex ranges from $30,000 to $70,000. They are worth every penny spent, though.

Where to get a T-Rex motorcycle?

Getting a T-Rex isn’t as tricky as presumed as there are quite a several places to get a T-Rex for sale depending on the model that appeals to you, and if you want a brand new or pre-owned T-rex bike.  All you need is a trusted dealer.

Zecycles is always a great place to look for those finding it difficult to get a T-Rex. They offer a series of sale models and are entirely worth dealing with because they enjoy many positive reviews from people who had made purchases through their site. With just a few clicks and your fund ready, zecycles will have your T-Rex delivered in record time.


Undoubtedly, the T-Rex motorcycle is a very cool and unique bike that gives you thrills while riding it. The T-Rex boasts of electrifying speeds that can make you appear reckless. Finding it difficult to get a T-Rex motorcycle for sale should be a thing of the past as zecycles have made it easy.

However, above all, contacting a T-Rex dealer such as zecycles and arranging to own a T-Rex motorcycle means that you will buy a machine that nobody else in your city has the gut to ride if the price doesn’t scare you off.

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