How Gift Giving Can Increase Customer Loyalty

How Gift Giving Can Increase Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is one thing that will have a big influence on the progress of a business.  Thus why business owners need to think about what kind of customer loyalty programs can be attractive to the customers.

Giving gifts is one of the best and most effective programs to increase customer loyalty. After all, who doesn’t love getting gifts? Just like in personal life, gift-giving can be a meaningful part of professional life and business relationships. This is why many companies and brands are applying the gift-gifting strategy which aims to draw new customers’ attention and ensure that old customers can be loyal.

Keep on reading to know more about what are the things that you should consider when giving gifts to customers.

Why is it Necessary To Give Gifts to Customers?

Gift-giving is the ideal way to build relationships with customers and to show that we care. After all, customers are the source of income for the company. You can use gifts as gestures that communicate many sentiments to clients, including gratitude, affirmation of strong working relationships, and many more.

When Should The Gifts Be Given?

The best time to give a gift is when you want to let the customers know you appreciate their support. Maintaining relationships in the business world is very important. The more loyal and satisfied customers are with your service, the more likely the customers will shop from you again.

What Are The Most Suitable Gifts for Customers?

What better way to show customers that you care than sending them an appreciation gift?  Your competitors may be trying to win customers over with “thank you” emails.  You, on the other hand, can leave a lasting impression with gifts.

The problem with thank-you gifts is figuring out what to send. You can’t choose something too expensive, nor can you choose something that might be seen as worthless. You have to walk a fine line between price and practicality when choosing a thank-you gift. Take a look at the following to know what is the most useful gift idea for your customers.

# 1. Health Package

The first gift recommendation to give to your customers is a health package.  The contents can include vitamin C, masks, and hand sanitizers. Health packages are proven to be very considerate and useful, especially after the pandemic, when people are becoming more health conscious.

# 2. Stationery

A gift in the form of stationery such as a notebook and pen will be very useful especially if your market demography is leaning toward people who are still at school, college, or work and thus need stationery every day. To make it more attractive, you can choose a unique shape or design for the stationery.

#3. Tote Bag

Tote bags are very attractive to be chosen as gifts for customers. Not only attractive, but the tote bag is also very useful to support everyday life. Design the tote bag so that it looks eye-catching, and don’t forget to include your company details on the tote bag.

#4. Umbrella

Another alternative gift that you can give to a customer is an umbrella. You can give a big-size umbrella to your customers, and it definitely will be very useful for customers!

#5. Reusable Water Bottle

The next gift you can give to your loyal customers is a water bottle or tumbler. This is one of the best gift choices for your customers. Water bottles can be a very effective way to raise your brand awareness. Especially if the tumbler is designed nicely, your customers will want to bring it anywhere with them. But keep in mind that you also have to make sure the quality of drinking bottles you distribute is of the best quality. If you are currently looking for one, check out reusable bottled water from My Own Water. Guarantee it is of high quality and so very useful for your customers!

#6. Electronic Devices

Looking for a gift for VIP customers? Or just want to go overboard with the gifts for your loyal customers? Why don’t you give them electronic devices, such as Bluetooth speakers, earphones, or other electronic devices that will be useful to support daily activities? If you want to provide electronic products to your customers, you need to find out first what your customer’s needs are, so the gifts given will be useful.

These are some of the best recommendations for gifts for your loyal customers. If you are currently running a business, applying a gift-gifting strategy for your customer might be the best solution to increase brand awareness and sales values!

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