How Has Instagram Changed The Business World?

Instagram has grown at the quickest rate of any of the leading social platforms in the last two years, collecting a billion active users and increasing at the fastest rate of any major social platforms.

Moreover, users spending an average of 53 minutes/day on this app have impacted our lives considerably.

Now, we’re not just talking about the number of individuals who refuse to eat until they’ve snapped the perfect #breakfastwithbuddies photo.

Instagram has spawned new sub-genres, businesses, and professions and disrupted entire sectors.

Hence, instagram growth has been a profound factor in the business world, which is a major reason people have been so deeply invested in it.

How Has IG Changed The Business World?

IG has been at the forefront of digital marketing for some years now. Once you read the following points, you will know the impact of Instagram on different business industries.

So, without further ado, let’s get started: 

(i). Diversified Beauty Standards

When it comes to hurting young people’s mental health, Instagram has received a lot of flak. 

Some blame the abundance of filtered, altered photographs that convey an exaggerated expectation of beauty – yet there is a flip side to this as well. A more diverse perspective of beauty can be communicated by providing customers with an accessible platform.

Traditional media presenting a narrow concept of beauty is no longer relied upon by the public. 

Instagram is being used to break beauty taboos, from people revealing their uncensored pimples, stretch marks, and scars to the growth of plus-size, trans, and disabled influencers.

It has changed the beauty and wellness industry extensively. 

(ii). Holistic Travel Inspirations

Travel inspiration may be found in abundance on Instagram. 

We can see photographs of the most picturesque spots from around the world in the palm of our hands, and our travel habits are altering as a result.

‘Insta-tourism’ is having an influence, whether we’re using the app to research the finest spots to visit before we travel or choosing a specific location because we want to duplicate a picture-perfect post. 

According to Facebook research, 70% of travel aficionados use the site to post their vacation plans, while 67% use Instagram to get ideas for new adventures, which has brought many travel companies hosting offbeat tours back into the business.

(iii). Flat Lay Photography Is The New Phenomenon

Still-life photography has long been popular, but the flat lay style has recently taken off.

A search of the #flatlay hashtag on Instagram returns over five million results, and we’ve all seen these elegantly composed, overhead product images.

The clean and visually pleasant flat lay lends itself well to an Instagram grid, its simplicity striking out in a sea of selfies. Dedicated accounts now share their favorites with thousands of flat lay fans, and a plethora of how-to articles offer advice on how to get the perfect shot.

Thus, many freelance photographers have gained immense popularity. 

(iv) New Restaurant Decors Are The Rage

Palm Vaults, a cafe in London’s fashionable area of Hackney, has completely grasped the idea of providing maximum Instagram opportunity. 

Plants swing from the ceiling over marble tables piled high with pastel-colored lattes and flower-topped cereal. It’s an influencer’s dream, and by recruiting them, the company gets a lot of free publicity.

Other establishments have followed suit, and while no official figures are available, we’d wager that the use of flower walls, neon signage, and pink plates in restaurants has increased significantly.

(v). New Social Brands

There have been some notable success stories as firms have hopped on the Instagram marketing bandwagon.

Some of Instagram’s most savvy early users have built entire brands on the platform. Daniel Wellington, a watchmaker, is an excellent example of how they’ve used the platform to promote their product instead of traditional advertising. 

Its strategy of leveraging its advertising money to offer watches to influencers resulted in a torrent of posts, and the buzz translated into sales, helping it become Europe’s fastest-growing brand between 2013 and 2015.

(vi). Instagram Influencer Is A Full-Time Job

Bloggers were already well-known in 2010, but Instagram provided them with a place to share quick, snappy updates. 

They could create bite-size content with just one image and a caption, which they could broadcast more frequently to engage their fans in more frequent dialogues.

Some utilized it to supplement their blog content, some shifted entirely to Instagram, and still, others achieved social popularity solely through Instagram. The app has likely accelerated the influencer trend and elevated some individuals to social celebrity status.

More Changes Are Yet To Come

Since Instagram has changed the business world from many perspectives, it has become a major influence among industry leaders.

This is why we can predict that many more changes are yet to come in the business domain since Instagram’s popularity is still on the rise.

So, if you need more information on IG, ping us in the comment section below. We will come back to you with an answer in no time.

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