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How to design a website for a better experience

Webdesign: You have decided to take your business to the next level by getting a website. That is a huge milestone toward success. By going online, you’re taking advantage of millions of users that you could convert to customers. For you to realize the benefits of a business website, you have to realize that not every design is good design. Thus you need to get a designer who will design your website so that you’ve got an excellent user experience. Research shows that the attention span of humans is about 8 seconds and continues to go down. Online users have the shortest attention span of fewer than five seconds and thus you have to maximize on speed when designing the site.

When engaging a designer, you have to remember the following things

Unique value proposition (UVP)

The internet today is saturated with content with every site owner trying to outdo the other in the quality and responsiveness. Therefore, for you to penetrate, you have to stand out by creating a first impression with excellent content and load speed. Users will stay or leave your site depending on the UVP. This is the statement explaining how your offering will benefit the customer and solve their pain points. It tells the site visitor why they should consider buying from you and not your competitors.

Features location

Studies have shown that the elements on the above fold on the upper left of the web page receive attention at first sight. Eyes tend to fixate on the top left of any site page before they move to the right. This is not to mean you crowd your left side with everything so that it looks chaotic. Let your Central Coast SEO & Web Design expert do proper planning so that you balanced pages and ensure no usability aspect is undermined. With a lot of content on the internet today that users have to deal with, you have to ensure that your value proposition is clearly defined. Again, you don’t have to cram all the information on this area at the same time. Give tidbits for them to digest one after another. If an online visitor gets relevant information every time they visit your site, then you can be sure you’re gaining valuable loyal clients.

Visual information

One of the excellent ways of connecting with your audience is through harnessing the power of visual information. Did you know that the human brain is capable of processing visuals sixty thousand times faster than mere text? Instead of telling lots of information, show it through visuals. Let the users enjoy images, graphs, infographics, clips, and such instead of feeding them with blocks of text. Through visuals, the audience retains more valuable information.  Be careful when adding visuals to your pages to ensure that they promote your value proposition- any inconsistencies could lead to confusion and your site integrity may be in question.

Unique and Regular content

Website owners are always doing every effort to ensure that they give customer-relevant content.  That means the site visitors have lots of content to deal with and thus for your content to get the attention of this rather busy audience, it must be solution-based and one that speaks to their pain points.

If you want to get a website that is going to attract lots of traffic, you must get a reliable Web Design Central Coast expert who will help you create a website that is perfectly designed and solution-based.

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