How to Get Blood Pressure Medicine Without Going to the Doctor

Blood pressure medicine is something that is needed by more than 85 million adults in the United States, let alone the billions of people all over the world. When you have high blood pressure (or sometimes low), you can experience cardiac problems, and have to have medication prescribed to you. Unfortunately, it’s something that is often recommended so you have to see a doctor in order to get the medication you need. COVID-19 has made doctor’s visits somewhat difficult, so you may be looking to ways of finding out how to get blood pressure medication without having to actually see a doctor. In this guide we’re going to explain how to do so.

Blood Pressure Readings May Signal the Need for Medication

Some people have high blood pressure – some patients’ blood pressure is too low. But what does this mean? When you go to a doctor, have an online doctor consultation, or even go to a local retailer such as Wal-Mart or a pharmacy, you can get your blood pressure taken. For the most part, a bp that is 140/90 mmHg is considered to be a hypertension phase and can lead to worse cardiac symptoms, such as a heart attack, heart disease, or even cardiac arrest. The readings go in accordance with one another, and one of the best ways to determine these are by standard measurements.

  • If your blood pressure is lower than 120/80, then there’s a good chance that your blood pressure is fine (as long as it’s not too low).
  • You are considered in most cases to be prehypertensive if your bp is 120/80 or higher (up to 139/89).
  • In the first phase of hypertension, your bp ranges from 140/90 up to 159/99
  • The second stage of hypertension is 160/100 – and you should seek emergency medical help immediately.

Many Factors Affect Blood Pressure

Because there are so many different factors that are associated with high blood pressure, sometimes there are other things that may cause a person to worry, even though for them, their blood pressure is fine. For example, some doctors will see that you are in a prehypertensive range, but they aren’t going to worry, because you may have an underlying health condition that causes your bp to be a little bit higher than others – although you’ll seem to be fine and not showing any symptoms. Being obese, having an unhealthy diet, smoking, and many other factors can increase your blood pressure as well.


The best way to find out how to get treatment for blood pressure, and get medication online without seeing a doctor, is to visit a website that helps to provide you with either prescription or over the counter remedies. Some websites can have licensed physicians on board and they can provide a quick analysis and appointment to get you the treatment you need, as well as any prescriptions that can help regulate your blood pressure. If you take a quick online assessment survey, websites like Medzino can give you a quick and official diagnosis, then their reputable doctors can be on to help prescribe the medication that you need.

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