Convert Your PDF File Into Different Formats Using GoGoPDF Converter Tools

Are you having PDF problems? Need to convert your PDF file to Excel, Word, or PNG? GoGoPDF provides different features, and one of these is its converter tools. Their converter tool is one of the most popular features that their customer often uses. In this article, we will share some of the file formats you can convert your PDF to, using GoGoPDF. 


Are you having trouble turning your PDF file into an image format? One of the file formats that GoGoPDF offers is a tool that can convert your PDF to PNG format. Now why PNG and not JPEG since it is an image format too? Converting your PDF file to PNG makes your image look more precise than JPEG. 

So if you want to transform your PDF file to PNG, here’s how to use GoGoPDF’s PDF to PNG converter online. Upload the PDF file that you want to convert into PNG. The converter tool will start the extraction and scanning process. Wait for the conversion process to be completed, then once it is done, you can now download and save your new PNG image.

Not only the conversion process is easy to understand, but the process is also fast. Also, you do not need to install some software just for you to use GoGoPDF. Another thing is, all your files’ content will remain intact and the same, from the layout to its font. GoGoPDF also provides high-quality and high-resolution converted PNG images.

PDF to Excel

Looking for a tool that can convert your PDF file easily to Excel format? Another converter tool that GoGoPDF offers is the PDF to Excel converter. With GoGoPDF’s PDF to Excel converter, turning your PDF file to Excel has never been this efficient. There are only four easy instructions to follow in converting your PDF file. 

All you have to do is to choose the PDF file you want to convert to excel, or you can also drag-and-drop the file in the conversion box. The scanning and extraction process will start once you upload the file. Wait for the conversion process to finish. Lastly, when the process is complete, you can download it immediately and save it to your computer.

GoGoPDF also guarantees a zero quality loss of your converted file; it also maintains its original layout and structure, such as images, graphs, texts, and colors, it remains the same. With its uncomplicated instructions, converting your PDF file to Excel using GoGoPDF just made your task more manageable, and it does not take too much of your time too.


Do you need to extract data or graphs from your PDF file for your class presentation? You can now convert your PDF file to PPT with GoGoPDF PDF to PPT converter tool. Same as the first tools mentioned above, it only takes four steps to convert your PDF file to PPT. 

Select the file, the tool will start scanning and turning your PDF file into a powerpoint slide, wait for it to finish converting, and once the conversion process is complete, you can start downloading your converted PPT file and save it to your own device. If you are in a rush, this will only take a few minutes for the process to be over.

When your PDF file has been converted to a PPT file, your new converted file will still be a hundred percent editable, and you can change the shapes, text boxes, and images inside your slides. GoGoPDf guarantees that there is no quality that will be compromised, and everything from your original file stays untouched.

PDF to Word

Do you want your PDF file content to be transferred to a Word document? We just got you the easiest way. GoGoPDF also offers a converter tool for PDF to Word. Same with the other GoGoPDF’s converter tool, it only has four easy, quick steps for you to use it. With just a few clicks, you got your converted word file ready to be downloaded. 

No more copying and pasting your PDF file to Word doc or typing it word for word because, with GoGoPDF’s PDF to Word converter, all you need is just a few minutes for your PDF file to be transformed into a Word document. They guarantee 100% accuracy, which means all your file’s content and quality will be preserved and complete. You can see it for yourself.


GoGoPDF has converter tools that you can use for free online. You can convert your PDF file to a different type of format you want. If you want to know more about GoGoPDF and other features they offer, you can always go to their website and check it for yourself.

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