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How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

Some studies have suggested that a large percentage of long-distance relationships fail. One study, in particular, found that upwards of 40% of all long-distance relationships end up failing.

This might be a little bit discouraging if you’re currently involved in one of these types of relationships. But you should know that long-distance relationships can be healthy relationships and last for a long time when people take the right approach to them.

Doing the long-distance thing isn’t going to be ideal. But you can make it work if you and your significant other are willing to put the work in.

Today, we’re going to share some long-distance ideas for all of those long-distance couples out there. They should help increase the chances of your long-distance relationship working out in the end.

Check them out below.

Communicate Regularly Through Texts, Calls, Video Chats, Etc.

You and your significant other aren’t going to be able to see each other in-person very often when you’re in a long-distance relationship. But there will obviously be a million and one ways in which you can continue to communicate regularly.

You can send each other text messages throughout the day. You can call each other when you’re not busy at school or work. You can even hop on video chats so that you can talk face-to-face.

It wasn’t all that long ago when long-distance couples couldn’t do anything other than write letters to one another and occasionally talk on landlines. But that has all changed and made long-distance relationships a lot easier in the process.

At the Same Time, Don’t Communicate Too Regularly

It’s good for those in long-distance relationships to communicate regularly to keep their sparks alive. But there is such a thing as long-distance couples communicating a little too much on a regular basis.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship that is starting to feel like a full-time job because of how often you text, call, video chat, etc. your significant other, that’s a problem. You need to give each other at least some space so that you can both grow outside of your relationship.

Find Ways to Do Fun Things With One Another

Just because you and your significant other aren’t living in the same place right now doesn’t mean that you can’t still do fun things together. Technology has made it possible for two people to take part in the same activity even though they’re in two completely different places.

For example, you can both fire up the same Netflix movie and watch it together while you’re on Zoom. Or you can both sign up to play the same online video game and try to see if you can work your way onto the same team.

Don’t let the distance between you and your significant other stop you from finding ways to participate in activities together. You can keep on “dating” no matter how far away you both might be.

Send Each Other Gifts Every So Often

Who doesn’t love to receive an unexpected gift in the mail? It’s a great way to inject some pure joy into the middle of a random Tuesday.

With this in mind, you and your significant other might want to get yourselves into the habit of sending each other gifts every now and then. You can send them a bouquet of flowers with one of these sweet Valentine’s Day wishes (regardless of whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not!), and they can send you that jacket that they know you’ve had your eye on.

You and your significant other can put smiles onto one another’s faces with every gift that you send and receive.

Plan Trips Together Whenever You Can

Depending on how far apart you and your significant other are, making travel plans together may or may not be in the cards for you. But if you’re going to be relatively close in distance, you can try to go on vacation together once every few months if you can.

This way, you’ll both have something to look forward to in your relationship at all times. You’ll always be planning your next big adventure and building up the anticipation for it.

Remain Open and Honest With Each Other

One of the biggest reasons why so many long-distance relationships fail is because the people involved in them aren’t always as open and honest as they should be.

One partner couldn’t be happier with the way that things are going in the relationship. The other is starting to see their significant other as more of a friend as opposed to a romantic partner.

It’s not going to be easy to have open and honest communication within your long-distance relationship all the time. But it’ll be a must if your relationship has any chance of lasting.

Stay On the Same Page as Far as Your Future Is Concerned

When you and your significant other are both living in the same place, it’s easy to stay in cahoots when it comes to the future. But while you’re apart, you might start drifting onto different paths.

You don’t have to talk about the future of your long-distance relationship every second of every day. But you and your significant other should discuss it every few weeks or so. It’ll ensure you don’t end up on different pages in the book of life without either of you realizing it.

Long-Distance Relationships Don’t Have to Be Disastrous for Couples

A lot of people will tell you not to even bother getting into a long-distance relationship. They’re convinced that long-distance relationships won’t last.

But as you’ve learned here, there are some steps that you can take to give your long-distance relationship a fighting chance. As long as you and your significant other find ways to remain connected, you can make it through the long-distance portion of your long-distance relationship unscathed.

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