Amazing Fashion Trends We’ll See in 2022

With another year comes another round of new fashion trends to try. 2021 was about getting back in the competition. Whereas 2022 will be about putting yourself out there. Over the past year, most fashion trends included cozy neutral staples and comfortable loungewear. But in 2022, people will be pushing the bright and bold. Most of the upcoming trends in 2022 might not be completely new but would be reinvented styles of the past years, such as graphic prints, shoulder bags, and 70s-style headscarves. Bringing these trends and styles back is what 2022 will be all about.

Last year, the fashion trend was titled towards comfort, with fancy PJs and sweatshirts taking the limelight. But this year, people will be outing outfits together that are a bit more stylish. 2022 will be the year to style dramatically! Get that hot pink handbag you always felt was too bold out and flaunt it. 2022 will be the year to express your personality and discover new ways to pair your favorite pieces.

Let’s look at the fabulous fashion trends that will rule over 2022.


Many fashion trends have come and gone in the past few years. However, one piece of clothing that always stays in trend, no matter the occasion or season, is jumpsuits! Whether you’re looking for a light yet elegant outfit or a fashionista, a gorgeous jumpsuit can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Moreover, nowadays, with increased awareness, fashion trends such as boilersuits and jumpsuits aren’t just for only skinny people. There are a lot of fashion brands offering plus size dresses for women in the market, allowing everyone to follow the latest fashion trends in 2022.

If you’re confused about how to pair a jumpsuit, consider going for a floral one with bold colors like red to make a style statement. Besides that, if you’re not fond of bright colors, get plain jumpsuits such as a black and white one. Complement it with heeled sandals and a sling bag to complete your overall outfit. 

Beaded Embellishments

Are you wondering how to add that oomph factor to your outfit? Elevate it to something amazing with plenty of beads. Delicate embellishments are perfect for you if you want to look regal. Beaded embellishments add decorative detail to your clothing, making it look stylish and attractive. Consider pairing an embellished mini dress with black stockings and chunky boots, or keep it informal by adding an oversized coat.

Moreover, add a simple shirt to a pair of beaded-embellished denim jeans and style it with a leather jacket to give your look an edge. Besides that, if you feel like making a statement, go for double-beaded embellishments. Pair them with flared and fringed denim along with a simple button-down shirt.

Fringe Detailing

Fringe has its time in the spotlight every few years, and it’s coming back in 2022. Fringe detailing is a great way to add some style to your outfit. It adds a touch of class to a customized leather jacket, along with giving somberness to a clutch. Suede skirts are perfect for fringes as they give your overall look a trendy touch. Look beyond natural and basic colors while going for this trend. Stand out by going for a bold red suede mini skirt with fringe detailing. Moreover, go for boots with fringe detailing, pairing them with a fitted dress along with some basic accessories to make your look fashionable.

Printed Pants

Trousers and jeans with prints like a checkerboard, punchy florals, and zebra stripes will be seen popping everywhere in 2022. To let printed pants steal the show:

  • Pair them with a basic white or black shirt.
  • Wear a denim shirt with black and white printed pants for an informal and elegant look.
  • Pair the look with nude sandals and a bright-colored purse to add a pop of color to your overall look.

Moreover, if you want a clean and elegant look, pair your printed pants with a long-sleeved slim-fit t-shirt, adding style and simplicity to your look. Besides that, to ensure your printed pants complement your overall outfit, make sure you coordinate your colors. Pick a color in your printed pants and use the color for your top too. In addition, you can also pair your black floral printed pants with a grey bat-sleeved sweater. Alongside, add a pair of silver heels and a white purse to add class to your overall outfit.

Long Coats

Having a coat that you can slip into, knowing it completes your look, can make your look of the day deluxe. Keeping your coat game up can transform your entire look, especially leather coats, which are guaranteed to be everywhere in the upcoming year. Moreover, with furry highlights at the sleeves and collar, coats are likely to get a glam update in 2022. You can easily style them with basic jeans, a stylish tee, and white sneakers.

Wide-Legged Jeans

It’s time to say bye to skinny leg pants in 2022. Let’s say hello to wide-leg jeans! 2022 will take inspiration from earlier years and reinvent it with different styles. Sitting high on the waist and flashing out past the knees, these bottoms elongate your legs, giving a relaxed and cool vibe. Style them with a cropped sweater or an oversized shirt or wear them with an elegant puff-sleeve blouse and stylish heeled sandals.

Moreover, if you want to go for a comfy and cute look, pair your wide-legged jeans with a simple top. Add a belt or wear statement jewelry to elevate the entire look. Besides that, to be it minimalistic, add a classic white shirt or colorful shirts for a pop of color.

Sweater Vests

What’s old is new again. Sweater vests will be seen everywhere in 2022. They make the overall outfit look elegant and classy and make it look super cute. If you can pull off crop tops well, consider wearing a cropped sweater vest and style it with flared jeans. Pair a sweater vest with an oversized shirt as a dress along with combat boots to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Moreover, consider an oversized sweater vest with a white skirt for a timeless look. Get a white button-down shirt underneath the vest and add some white sneakers. To add a pop of color to your look, consider getting a bright-colored shoulder bag.

Final Thoughts

2022 will be about expressing your personality by restyling the trends from previous years. The upcoming year will be full of fashions trends such as cropped sweater vests. Wide-legged jeans with a stylish t-shirt will rule over all other jeans styles in 2022. Pairing printed pants with a classic button-shirt will continue to add elegance and class to your overall look.

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