Ring Etiquette for men

Do you like wearing rings other than an engagement ring? If so, then you must know the basic etiquettes of wearing rings! For many years, both men and women have been wearing rings to symbolize their social status, wealth, and commitment. For example, an engagement ring symbolizes that the person is taken. So, wearing a ring is equal to making a statement.

The goal of this article is to boost men’s confidence in wearing rings by following the best etiquettes. But first, let’s go through the symbolism of wearing a ring for men on different fingers!

The Symbolism between Rings & Fingers: Which Hand to Choose- Right or Left?

The common question that comes in every man’s mind: In which hand he should wear the ring, left or right? Different Indian traditions have different ways of visualizing how a ring for men should be worn.

It is said that the fingers matter more than the hands! So, instead of emphasizing which hand you should choose, learn which finger symbolizes what!

  1. Pinky Finger: Pinky rings are often men’s first choice to make a statement. In most Indian cultures, the pinky finger doesn’t have any religious association. Also, wearing a ring on your pinky finger is more comfortable than wearing a ring on your heavily-used index finger. Isn’t it?
  2. Ring Finger: The right hand’s ring finger ring for men mainly symbolizes engagement while the opposite one indicates marriage. Like most married/engaged men, you should also choose a simple yet classy ring that you can wear comfortably every day. But, if you want to create a statement, you can opt for a unique and artistic ring/wedding band.
  3. Middle Finger: Generally, the middle finger is the largest and boldest finger. So, men should choose a suitable middle finger ring for men that allow them to do manual tasks with ease. Why? As this finger is adjacent to the index finger, we use this finger every day to do many of our regular activities. So it’s best to choose a small and simple ring for your middle finger.
  4. Index Finger: The index finger symbolizes confidence, leadership, power, and authority. While you’ll find so many ring options out there, class rings and fraternal rings with bright silver tones are perfect for the index finger. So, choose a ring that is noticeable with your appearance.
  5. Thumb: Wearing a ring on the thumb is pretty uncommon. But, a thumb ring for men symbolizes wealth, friendship, and influence. Men who like to wear multiple rings can choose a statement piece for their thumbs that makes them distinct.

Be Confident: Maintain the Proportion of Rings on Your Hands

Like women, most men do not wear too much jewelry. Wearing too many rings on both hands might not look as cool as you think. But, if you can balance the proportions of your wearable, then you can carry multiple rings altogether.

If you have large hands, then you should choose larger rings that attract people’s attention easily. Men with smaller hands should wear smaller rings that look compatible with their hands’ size.

On the occasions when you are dressing up, decide if you are doing to wear a watch or not. If yes, then decide in which hand, left, or right? No matter whether you have slim or wide fingers, don’t wear too many rings along with a watch on the hand.

Match The Ring Metal With Other Accessories:

How do you balance other jewelry while wearing multiple rings? If you wear a wedding band or an engagement ring, balance it out with a bracelet or a watch on the right wrist. You can add another ring to your next go-to finger. But, don’t crowd a bunch of bracelets and rings on one hand while keeping the other hand completely free.

Most rings for men come in a variety of metal colors and design styles. So, who says that men should only wear gold rings? You can choose any metal that suits your taste and style, i.e. silver, platinum, etc. Depending on what type of metal you are wearing, select the accessories to pair with. Overall, don’t over-accessorize!

Is there any maximum number of wearing rings for men?

In the end, quality matters more than quantity. Assuming you would wear only one ring per finger, you can spread out other rings on the alternate fingers of both hands. But, wearing a ring on each finger might make it look overcrowded. No matter how many rings you own, it’s best to make a bold statement. Carry out the perfect ring on one hand and nothing else.

Summing Up:

Hope this guide has helped you understand how you can look stylish while wearing multiple rings. Ultimately, it’s you who will be carrying them off! So, be confident and follow the above-mentioned tips. Surely, you can make a statement by wearing multiple rings on your hands! You can buy also gold chain men from the site at a reasonable price.

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